Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Impressions On: Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise

You know what I don't have a damn good to say about this so called anime, so if you hate people "ditching" on your new "favorite show, you know what"??  Though shit is all I have to say, I am not going to force you to read this, but maybe I should force you to watch this anime  while using it as a sadist too for torture.. Okay trailing off into my personal life that, some of you don't need to know about. As of now I don't even think that the series is worth finishing off but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps on a slow such as Sunday  I will watch some it here and there but as of now I would rather not drink my-self to death.

Twin Angel or know as Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel - Kyun Kyun, Is based off of two ova's that came in out in 9/28/2008. This series much like Rio Rainbow Gate due in part that it's is based off a series of Pachinko-Machines with the same character designs on the machines. Personally I think this is lazy but Rio Rainbow Gate was still fun to watch and no where near as tedious. The story mainly revolves around our two main heroines Aoi and Haruka that are just your normal/average middle schoolers by day but then turn into magical crime fighters by night. 

The main female leads of course go to an rich private school, have the typical cute mascot and there is even the long transformation that shows off pretty rainbows.... um yeah. So what went wrong?? The main problem that anybody can point is the fact that they are trying to damn hard to mimic other things and not trying to be it's own Individual show. "I do realize  this is next to impossible in this day and age but it can still be done". Magical Madoka did it but that went to dark for some, hell even Milky Holmes was funny if not for the reaction faces/comedy in the show.

I personally don't hate magical school girl anime quite the contrary really. I personally love Card Captor Sakura, Pretty Cure, Sailor Moon, Moe-Tan, MagiKano, and Magical Madoka. I just hate lazy attempts at anime that try to parody these shows and just end up falling flat on their ass in doing so. Even the lame attempt/blatant rip-off of Tuxedo-Mask called the Misty Knight who happens to show up in the nick up time to save our ladies with roses. Parody's for magical girl shows can be done right however this is not case in Twin Angel. please go watch some cheap anime from the 90's instead.. oh wait a minute..

Sadly I could hardly find any-thing redeeming what so-ever for Twin-Angel. Hardly  if any of the characters seem likable expect for the ninja butler and even then that was corny. Not even the music or art work is worth mentioning for twin angel and the OP sounds like shit, however I will admit I did like the ED due in part that tusndere queen "Rie Kugimiya" sings in it however that's enough enough to even keep some away. She is also in the show as well as the white angel called , but hasn't made an appearance as of yet. 

Perhaps I am being a little to harsh on this Twin Angel but in all honesty I really expected better from J.C.Staff, I know they are capable of doing better than this. Toradora, Index, Rail-gun, Excel Saga, Hayate, Shana, Familiar of Zero, The Worlds Greatest First Love are all decent so it's in the realm of possibility after all. I will not post a score yet until I see two three more epiosdes and perhaps I will be a little less harsh by then. As of know I am really close to dropping this anime but if I can get hold of some liquor maybe it will help.

Usually I do not go by first episode for any thing to determine if a show is worth a damn or not, but when I am able to list off nearly twenty bad cliches right off the bat somethings wrong .Okay if anyone is offended by my preview for the first epiosde then just take up it with Frederica Bernkastel. Peace out everyone and look forward to more previews soon. Summer is shaping up to be good so far, now excuse me while I go hit my head against the wall for twenty minutes due in part that it will cause the same amount of brain damage.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating: 16+

Characters: 2/5

Animation: 2/5

Music: 2/5

Plot: 1/5

Story: 1/5

Overall Rating: 1/5


  1. Lazy~~ lol But yea I personally didn't enjoy this one at all. Well, besides my not-so obvious hatred of magical girls this was just plain annoying lol

  2. okay the full preview is up now, people feel free to comment.

  3. well now i know what to avoid this season lol

  4. It's like a parody anime that knows it unoriginal but refuses to make fun of itself. I'll give episode 2 a try. Hell, I made it through 9 episodes of Hidan no Aria until I finally gave into common sense and dropped it.

  5. hope it don't melt my brain when I try watching it.

  6. oh god i really planned on watching all of this season's shows but i don't know anymore..