Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Generic Romantic Comdey?? A Review of Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki is an on going Light-Novel written by Hajime Asano, Illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi. The first was released on November, 21st 2009 and is still ongoing to till this day with eight volumes out total so far who are published by the company Media Factory There is also an ongoing manga written by the original creator Hajime and illustrated by Niito. The manga is being published monthly in the seinen magazine "Monthly comic alive" from Media Factory as well. The TV. anime is only slated to have twelve episodes as of now, this show started airing July 8, 2011 and is being broadcasted on "TBS" station in Japan.

This Is One Way To Wake Up
This anime is about our unfortunate male lead Kinjiro Sakamachi that lives at home with his little sister Kureha Sakamachi that has a lovely habit of beating the shit out of him every morning just for the hell of it. "I fell kind of sorry for the poor bastard." Their parents are over-seas working so there isn't any "parental figure" this time around either. "Now at least they where up front about it in the first five minutes into the episode." Our male lead is a second year high school that goes to a seemingly normal school.. with the one exception the school's principal's daughter Kanade Suzutsuki who throws off the "Rich-Girl Persona" with her own personal butler Subaru Konoe. who has a deep personal secret to keep from everyone in school.

Kinijro decides to go the empty part of the school building to use the rest-room, in order to 
calm him-self down after a near fatal exposure of his biggest secret. Which is the fact  he suffers from a unique condition called gynophobia or fear of the opposite sex. "It's so bad that he suffers a nose-bleed if he even touches a female". After Kinjiro washes his face and goes into what he thinks is an empty stall, what does he happen to see?? A pair of kitten printed panties on attached to the leg of the head butler for Kanade.

"Why don't people ever lock the damn door in Japan, I understand old houses but not the bath-room stalls??" So what does Kinjiro decide to do after seeing this?? He just walks off after shutting the door trying to pretend/forget what he saw, but of course it's not going to be that easy for him. Subaru comes out of the stall mad as hell "in a typical a typical tsundere hijinks" by asking Kinjiro if happened to see it or glimpse of her pantsu.

What do we have here?
So being the huge idiot that Kinjiro is of course he says with out realizing .. "If you haven't guessed that Subru's a girl then I feel sorry for you". So she happens thinks that secret that needs to be kept from everyone in order to stay a butler has been reveled. "why in the world they force some-one to do this is beyond me." Then comes in the obligatory one-sided fight, but it seems that for once a male lead can hold his own. It wasn't until a dramatic pause to where a "frog in the jar.. no I am not even kidding you", was going to fall on Subru's head" that Kinjiro shows his true skill by undoing her shirt, belt buckle, and pulling them open/down with in only a two second span, he accidentally squeezes her breast and realizes that he is finally a girl. Subaru laughingly flips out and smacks him upside the head in with a fire hydrant and we cue to the half-way minute mark. 

Well that's enough on the first episode if you don't want to watch it by the summary I have given you then I don't really can not blame you. It sounds oh so funny and has been done for much better over a ten year period of time. The only thing that really seemed to amuse me was Kanade's S/M play a thing for Kinjiro and Subaru. Kanade's wonderful sadist nature peeks a few guilty pleasures with in me as well which kept me watching the entire episode.

Rape Time??
The animation character designs are also very nice to look at, with only a few drops in overall quality  Everything seemed to flow pretty well and there was only a few notable drops in quality here or there, but not to the point that it would be really low key. The music however is just plain/generic, with nothing really new or surprising here with the expectation of few piano pieces to liven up the mood. The op is done quite well to where it shows vast different array of emotions with a nice catchy beat as well.

Now lets get to the main problem of the series which be the huge heap of tropes/cliches that has been rinsed/repeated for nearly ten years now. If you can personally list off the number of cliches into a small list just from my review then just don't even bother with this series. If you are a guilty pleasure fan such as myself then you may actually the first episode for this series and will continue on with the series. As of now there is now legal stream for this series so you have to look around for decent fan-sub group to watch the show. 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Animation 4/5

Music 3/5

Story 2.5/5

Characters 3/5

Overall rating 3/5


  1. I'm a sucker for romantic/comedies.

  2. I think your reviews are generally pretty accurate, so I think I may give this show a miss if its only good for a few laughs and such ^^