Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mayo Chiki Update

Aww They Are In Love
After catching episode two of Mayo Chiki it seems they have toned down some of the ecchi over tones a bit. However it seems to be focusing more on the love story aspect to help Kinjiro get over his fear of woman, and helping Subru enjoy a normal high-school life. If the series keeps heading this way then I know this will be series that I will enjoy and follow all the way through.As of now I am thinking of doing some up-dates on current shows this season,

Some parts in episode two are really funny on a lot of levels especially with the usually misunderstandings. Everyone thinks that Kinjiro is gay because he caught by his little sister getting a kiss on the cheek from Subaru. So now his sister happens to think that he is gay so.. in come some funny misunderstandings as usual in this genre of shows. I think this going be one my biggest guilty pleasures for summer 2011.

Caught In The Act
Now Doing these random updates will not change my score that has previously been posted. I  also wish to add this does not change the fact that episode one is a huge obstacle to get by for many so if your unable to just don't even bother. However if you can do it then this is a rather enjoyable series for some one to watch to kill the time. Now is this show going to warrant a re-watch or purchase if licensed?? As of now it's hard to say, I would wait until the series ends to make that kind of decision.

-Cecil The Dark Knight 


  1. Loved episode 2. It was better than the first one for sure.

  2. NO.6 is my guilty pleasure this season :)