Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Impressions On Ro-Kyu-Bu!

The Entire Time~

If your read or referred to my other post for my Summer Watch List then this was on the bottom But of course Japan chooses to air this one first. In no way is this a review just a opinion on how I felt after watching the first episode of "Ro-Kyu-Bu" I do want to make this clear. Also I have a thread started on Crunchy-Roll for the impressions for the show as well, so if you have an account there feel free to post there as well. The only other thing I do wish to add is the fact this anime is not going to be for everyone so if you hate Loli or Moe~ Stuff, then just don't even bother with series I don't want to hear you bitch and don't say it's the end of anime either.

To sume up this series in a nutshell it's about elementary school girls playing basket ball with help from a high school coach.  Subaru Hasegawa or male lead has to become a coach for the elementary girls basket ball team because of this older sister. This was due in part that the last coach was fired for being a suspected pedophile . All of the characters happen to go campus ground due in part it's rich private school. So Subaru is put into hard position due in part that he has given up playing basketball himself but maybe one of the girls will re-kindle his spirit!

The first episode overall just goes over Subaru being a temporary coach for girls by the usual introduction of all characters, what they are good/bad at and why they like to play basket ball. Overall the first episode get's the job done right by laying down what the series will be about so you will not be disappointed at all. I also happen think that Tomoka Minato is the most talented player they have on the team.

One of the high notes for the series is the soft pallet of colors, animation and artwork used for the characters. It's nothing groundbreaking by any-means like madoka magica or stein's;gate was but it's overall pleasant to look at. Another high note is the music which is overall soft but does pick up when tensions are high in a basket ball game. This does add more to the series and gives me some hope that it will be worth watching from start to finish.

I am also get a huge felling/vibe that this will be a series with harem undertones as well, due in part that the younger girls are going to look up to subaru as an older brother. As creepy as this sounds. Also the girls love teasing him by dressing up as maids..he thinks that he is in the wrong club by asking him you don't like little sister maids??" That is one way to give a first impression. It seems that the  girls were just a little to eager to please Subaru, however this not  not going to be easy for his everyday high school life.

Obligatory Shower Scene
I am not going to lie there is also a tad bit of ecchi as well that will drive-away quite a few people/fans away due in part of how young some of the characters look/happens to be. Look at the pic above for a good example of  to see what I mean. I happen to like loli or lolisque characters as well so this isn't going be a bad series for me but I thought this will be the only moe~, anime I watch this season just due in part how sweet these shows can be. To much eye candy on person tends to be just bad as eating a bag sugar which causes the same effects if your not careful enough.

That's all I have to say on Ro-Kyu-Bu! If you have any interst in the seires at all feel free to leave a comment below. If these type of series turn of you off or are not your cup of tea then I really do highly recommend not watching any of it. I will keep you all updated if the series gets picked up for a legal streaming license later down the road, catch ya'll later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 14+

Characters: 3/5

Animation: 4/5

Music 3/5

Story: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

Overall Rating 3/5


  1. I fixed a couple spelling mistakes, I'm not really sure what to make of this yet, but it looks cute at least.

  2. Ehh.. This reminds of of Kidimo no Jikan, which I didn't like. I agree it looks cute though.

  3. I was a big fan of Kodomo no Jikan but most people didn't seem to want to understand the meaning behind it. This one one of the few anime that actually interested me when I saw what was being released. Haven't started watching it yet though.