Saturday, July 16, 2011

Having A Hacked Psp and Wii

A Moe~ Wii...
So basically what does this mean??..I am able to play custom home-brew games, run custom programs, roms/emulators, DVDs etc by soft-modding the console. So of you might ask why bothering in doing this?? Well the answer to that is quite simple really, to get the most out of something you legally payed for. Doing this can and will void your warranty on your Wii so do it at your own risk, also don't be a dumb-ass and update your system. All you need to do this is a copy of SSBB and 1gb SD card fat formatted.

Now why would I do something so complicated like this?? As said before to get the most out of something I legally payed for and play games that are region locked without having to buy whole system for a separate region in general. I have also done this due in part that I own a-lot of old games from the NES to the Sega Genesis so I want to play my games with-out having to buy digital copies of them. There is also ways to play back up of hard copies.. but that's in to really gray territory and I dare not to tread there, well that's it for the Wii on to the Psp.


Hacking/Modding the Psp is a tad more tricky to due in part, because of Sony's relentless updates ever week to knock off home-brew period. Now I will give props to the psp for being region free and having the ability to play games from any country however this dose exclude umd movies. Now there are more reasons to having a modded psp, for example the ability to play back-ups of any Ps1 one or Psp game on the memory stick as long as you own a legal hard copy. This does contradict what I just stated for the Wii but the psp is capable of playing any ps1 game so it's really worth it in the end. If you want to have a modded psp make sure to have two things, a Pandora's Battery and Magic Memory Stick. You can purchase the two below in order to do this.

Pandora's Battery 

Psp Home-Brew

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Messing Around On The Home-Brew Channel

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  1. That is very probably the most moe controller for any console I have ever seen! I've been thinking of modding my psp for a while but I might just get a vita then mod my psp(well, EVENTUALLY get a vita)