Monday, July 25, 2011

Higurashi Kira File One Review

Oh Hell Yeah.. Finally
Warning the review below contains spoilers

That pretty much sums my feelings after watching the first animated ova after nearly two years since rei. The episode starts off with Keiichi dressed in a females cop uniform after loosing a "penalty game". He prays to pretty much every-single god out there and all of the sudden the other three soul brothers pop out of the ceiling willing to help him.."oh boy I can see where this is heading..maybe..", mostly "Kuraudo, Jirou, Chie" talk about how weak willed Keiichi has become from loosing so many games. So the soul-brother call to a meeting to order and discuss what "Rika, Shion, Mion, Satoko, Takano" should do if k-chan wins the games, "so yes you can tell where this heading..."

By your powers combined.. oh wait..
So yeah.. most of this ova centers around the soul brothers swapping fantasy stories about what characters they would like to see doing embarrassing things. Even though most of the fantasies are short in general it is rather funny to see. One example that I will give is that Rena-chan would have to wear a maid uniform, take a spoon in her and dip out yogurt. Then Rena would have to walk slowly making sure not spill the yogurt on her.. oh for the love of God there goes my new pair of pants. I am not going to lie found most the fantasies hot as hell but the one with Rika has me asking why.jpg? She is the last character I want to see sexualized in any-way shape or form, unless it's her adult form.

I have No Nut-Bladder

After having more and more fantasies about each of the main female leads it turns out that Keiichi was dreaming all along.. or was he?? Then Keiichi wakes up in the middle of class, where Satoko and Rika point out that he was having pervy dreams about them, then out of nowhere one of the other male leads pops up Satoshi. This in no way should be possible what-soever if you watched any of the series and even Keiichi wonders what the hell is going on. Then things just get weird again... and I do mean weird. For all of the fan-girls out there this was a dream come true to see both of Keiichi and Satoshi in bunny maid out-fits where he was nearly kissed for losing another..penitently game. So Pretty much every yaoi-fan girl's dream have came true if not just for brief moment..I will now be forever scared after seeing it.

No Context Needed...
Again after this NIGHTMARE, he wakes up to find himself in the "Irie Clinic" where it seems he has the first true case of Hinamizawa Syndrome. This means that he will be forever lost in delusions unless they find a way to help him.. yes I said delusions which is all of this has been so far...Hmm I see where they are heading this time around for Kira. Most of it will focus on way for Keiichi to break out of the delusions one by one and try to snap the hell out if it. There is even has a delusion way-back to the first arc of Higurashi, where he is stuck in the phone both about be slaughtered by the curse.. this time however we get to see who it is.  All Keiichi can do is try make it back to the real 1983 Hinamizawa.. I do wish him the best of luck on this.

..Oh boy he is screwed
So is this ova necessarily bad?? It just seems Studio Deen is just trying to add more to the story when it's not necessary, unless you count the Nintendo Ds game exclusive arcs. However this doesn't mean that I am not happy to see my favorite characters on the screen again, even with the level of fan-service this time around but as usual this will make people rage/flame/troll and so forth. Even though I just stated that the dream sequences can be unique, there is one huge factor that it's a big "screw you". Personally I don't have a problem if it's used right although it's just to early to tell how or were it will be heading at this point..and knowing this series that can't be a good thing.

I need a new heart...
One of the high points this time around is the animation. All of the characters look wonderful in in the 720p-1080p res this time around, even with the drops here or there in quality it's nowhere near as bad as season one or two of the series. Now the op and ed however might throw a people off because of the upbeat nature. Now this is what lured me to the series in the first place, It makes you feel all secure and safe then BAM!! You just happen to get stabbed in the back by the person you least suspect, even by the person you love the most..However it doesn't seem to be the case this time around...or is it??

...I know that feeling all to well.
Overall this is not a really bad addition to the franchise just meh. I feel like there could have been such more done. The dream in dream has been done before, if not to death but to actually have to escape from that.. this might be something new which the franchise is known for doing.It seems that moe~ to sells quite well in Japan and I wish to add this fact that might piss off a-lot of you hardcore fans. Higurashi has been and always be a moe~ anime, however it has huge elements that break it away from the sub-genre. If you wish to flame/troll/  or rant after reading that then be my guest. Well that's it everyone, the next ova will be out 9/22/11 so I can not wait until then, catch you later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Rating 3/5

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  1. It really feels like they wanted to cash in making some fan service here. I don't really mind that per se but I'm just not into lolicon so the penalty games with rika, satoko and hanyuu just didn't do it. Meanwhile Sion, Mion and Miyo's penalty games.... YEOW! Very hot!

  2. I just read the last paragraph only since I haven't seen it yet but I was wondering if the next ova is going to be continuing from this one? Since I've seen ones that the second one goes and does a completely different theme..

  3. if 3 dudes just magically pop out of nowhere and say they want to help me I think that's a sign to run the hell out of there.

  4. I think it will be explaining a lot of scenes from past episodes.
    Also, didn't Satoshi have the same condition when he was hospitalized?
    I can remember someone saying that if he were to wake up at that moment in time he would go mad with delusions.

  5. @Jeff.Nick
    yes the ova will continue through his delusional state or world.
    @ Tycho0042
    I don't mind satako's scene that much nor did I mind hanyuu.."she is a goddesses after all" but hmm" you forgot to mention to takano san.

  6. Ok, I'm wondering whether to watch this now or wait 2 months for next one to come out.. :\

  7. But I did mention takano. Her given name is Miyo after all :)

  8. Higurashi Kira was great!! Too many people hate on it. Now there's new Outbreak OVAs! Those are a total departure from Kira