Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playing Umineko On A Ipod/Ipad

Witch Approved
As the title implies some one over at Iphone Visual Novels has taken the liberty in making a custom App for Umineko, of course you will need the original game and English patch to make this work. This also requires a Jail-Broken Ipod Touch/Iphone Or Ipad, custom made soft-ware as usual. However even I am running into some problems this time around but if anyone can get this to work "which a-lot have apparently" personally I am just stuck at the point in transferring the data over. Yeah a small update as usual and i do plan on have some reviews up soon so look forward to them here soon.. The link for the tutorial on how do the custom app of Umineko for the iPod touch/Ipad app is below.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Umineko Tutorial 

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  1. To do list
    Get an Ipod
    Jailbreak it
    Get the K-ON calendar
    Get Umineko