Tuesday, July 19, 2011

..Is this really necessary .. A Review of R-15

Light Novel Cover

R-15 as stated in the pic above, is a light novel series written by Hiroyuki Fushimi with illustration from Takuya Fujima. The first volume of the the light novel was Kadokawa Shoten in July of 2009 with eight volumes currently out and still ongoing as of now. The series also has a manga adaption "which I highly recommend at this point in time" which started in June 2010 that is illustrated by Hayato ┼îhashi, with a total of two full volumes out from the same creator/publisher. The anime adaption Is being handled by Studio Aic, that started to air July 2011 on six major t.v. stations in japan. One thing i do wish to add is that two T.V. stations in Japan pulled the show before airing which has me thinking.. wow is this going to be good or what? 

So yet again, another anime series based off an light novel. These seem to be a dime a dozen in this day age, not that it is a bad thing, it just feels over used at this point in time. Oh well at  least it's good exposure for people to see a series that would have only been available in printed text in Japan.. but is this a good thing this time around ??? To be blunt with with you I like the idea and premises of this series "which still baffles me..". Sadly some of the the execution for the series, the current t.v. airing/streams with huge amount of censors, drag it down greatly. This even brings it down from being a guilty pleasure for many people, which includes me as well.


So what the initial plot in R-15?? ... Well it's about our male lead Taketo Akutagawa who has a genius talent for writing erotic novels, due to this he has go to private school for other geniuses with talents in music, photography, drawing and so forth. Epiosde one starts during the middle of class with Taketo having a dream/Idea for one of his novels. It's after school with the sun going down.. hmm I see where this heading... you see a random high-school female about to get boned by her teacher... whoa.. ? wait, really.. wat? What kind of person has those types of dreams in the middle of day.. oh wait he is only a freshmen in high-school so it makes sense.

After his dream..Taketo's teacher properly wakes him up..then we see one of our female leads Meiki who plays the role of our classic tsundere.Meiki loves to take photo's of Taketo when he goes in his "writer mode" because of his beastly side... heh I sense a closet masochist as well. Taketo also works for the news paper club, where he tries to get scoops for the president only to be referred to as chief...she has to be one the biggest sadist I have seen In a while as well. She just loves to cause trouble for other people and has fun time getting off to other people's misfortune...I think that I'm love, Oh feel free to watch the op below

R-15 OP

The only other character worth mentioning is Narukara-san due to her calm nature. She is a music prodigy at the school that that usually keeps to herself. Taketo happened to walk up where Naurkara was practicing, happening to see her extra reed .. so what does he do?? He tries to eat it like it was food... thus causing an awkward misunderstanding to commence, such as Nakukara telling other students that Taketo tried to eat it. So if you haven't figured it out, they are mostly likely going to the be the OTP or "only true paring" for this series. I might be wrong for calling it so early but I have seen way to harem series to know where this going to head. To be honest I prefer the pop idol from epiosde two but that's just a personal opinion.

So with all of this originality, story setup, plot why is the anime one of the worst for 2011?? Well for starters it's the horrible amount of censorship used in the t.v. broadcast. Personally I am really sick, tired and frustrated of fuc*** solar flare beams on the screen, just to cover up a damn panty shot or cover up a naked ass... but at-least let there be an option to air in un-cut online. Listen I understand that that shows have to abide by certain guidelines and so-froth but this is an insult the animators, to the director, hell to everyone that worked on the project. Even if your not a fan of these types of shows, think of what Naruto, Bleach, FMA ect, would be like with half of the fighting cut-out due to violence. To those that have complained there is no un-cut version anywhere so this is a DVD/bluray sales pitch that will work, but it's highly unlikely that we will ever see it here un-cut.. legally that is.

Classic Type A Tsundere

One other problem that is worth pointing out in the series is the drops in animation quailty in certain parts. Now I am not one to speak for watching Higurashi/Umineko after all but at least I am willing to admit it, the drops are just so noticeable and bad.. they have a budget why not use it, there are some nice characters designs there.Who knows maybe I am wrong about the quailty drops due to nearly being blinded every four to five God da** minutes from blinding lights but.. okay.. enough ranting about that. Now I will give R-15 props for having a  male lead not being A-typical, he is a wimp but he knows how to turn the ladies on with his writing, although most just think Taketo is a pervert..but of course. On a plus note, in epiosde two he got a pop-idol to strip from his words alone.. that takes some massive skills man.
So is  the music for R-15 anything special?? Hmm... Well now there happen to be some catchy bgm music. This anime also a pretty nice op/ed but nothing really stood out to me besides the opening. So is this anime really that bad?? .. Well it depends on what your taste, standards or view of censorship is. There is a story with room to grow, characters that can develop over time, however it might be to much for some to handle. Even though I am writing a review for this show .. this is the only one this season I am dropped this season next to twin angel. Until a un-cut version becomes available. I just can-not watch it at this point in time with the amount of distractions etc. The real sad part is I want to watch/enjoy this show. Well that's all on this, I will be giving this anime two scores as well and if you really want to watch it go for it.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Censored Fan Haters: 1.5/5

Normal Fans: 3.5/5


  1. A fairly average series to be honest. How much would it add if the censoring wasn't in place? Not a lot I suspect, but it bugs me when these things happen. If you're gonna show a show like that then by all means do it RIGHT!
    On it's own it's a pretty funny, the usual pervy jokes get tossed around. Slowly our hero will expand his harem and then the girls will fight it out with each other and hijinx ensue.
    My personal thoughts? 3/5 based on the humor alone. It would hit 4/5 if the light didn't block my sight

  2. well hmm censorship has two things say for higurashi how they needed to cut down on the gore but ramped it up on the dvd's but they didn't cover the screen with lights on it just altered the cells. This is just.. my god