Monday, July 11, 2011

Some New/Recent Changes To The Site.

Okay this is going to be short and sweet, this is just to all of the people that can publish here or add content, I removed the navigation bar. So if you want to make a new post or add any new content please go here to the link below in order to do so. I am sorry for innocence this may/might have cause you but the bar was really getting on my nerves. I would actually remove the attribution or "powered by blogger bar as well " but it seems that can get me into to legal issues so...that's a no go everyone please enjoy this video of accelerator being a boss as a way for me to make it up to you.

Edit: I just went ahead and removed the powered by widget as well, cleaned up the site some more and just leave some feed back of what you think.

Main Sign In

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. That bar was becoming a bit annoying, it didn't fit in with the blog's style either.