Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doing Reviews For Jast-Usa~

Jast-Usa's Official Banner

This is something really personal but I do feel like sharing this with everyone, I have been offered a small job offer from Jast-Usa, to review press release copies of their games. To be honest this is something that I need to put a-lot of thought into. On one hand I will be able to make some extra money doing something I already like to do. However I will be required to reviews up at a certain point in time so this will no longer be any time to waste on writing a review like I have been doing lately, " I am truly sorry about that". Well that's all I have to share with everyone I will keep you posted/updated if anything else major comes up.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Below is the e-mail they sent me in response on the Call to The Press



  1. Money for something you like to do, most people would say yes. Of course I am terrible when it comes to thinking of problems with a choice.