Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Visual Novel Translation Updates For October

Damn Girl, You Scary

This list is just for informal use only guys. It is to show what visual novels are currently being translated as of now, what the progress on them are and if they beta/partial patch out. If you really want to play the games then use Google and look around for the patches on various blog sites such as my own. If you truly want help to play some of these game just give me buzz and I will do my best to help ya by providing partial patch links or in some cases torrent links. Well use this wish as you list and I will catch you all around later, also thank @chan's /jp/ board for this update.

 Unofficial Patches:

11eyes - 2nd partial patch out, 2092 lines left to translate and 7444 lines left to edit before the third partial patch
Aiyoku no Eustia - Fione Chapter 40% translated
Akai Ito- Yumei's route released, Nozomi route fully inserted,Uzuki route 40% inserted, 14300/21674 (65.98%) overall inserted, last untranslated arc being translated by original translator
Amaranto - Trial released
Apathy Midnight Collection - fully translated, one arc left to edit
Ayakashibito - 25715/50995 lines translated (50.43%), common route fully translated, 23254/50995 lines edited (45.60%)
Baldr Force Exe - Project starting up
Baldr Sky - Translation ongoing
Cartagra - Initial translation complete, future is unknown
Concerto Note - C&D, continuing, translation at 35%, editing at 14%
Daiteikoku - 26,014/130,000 lines translated (20%). 20% partial patch out
DraKoi- Initial translation complete
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 65.2% translated, second partial patch out
Forest - Ixrec's upcoming project
Fortune Arterial- 52 of 122 scripts translated, 14 of 122 scripts edited, patch for the trial version of the game
Hanahira - 8 of 50 scripts translated
Heartful Kareshi - 22% translated
Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni - 2522 / 8082 (31.20%) lines translated
Higurashi Daybreak - being translated
Hinomaru- 19% translated, main arc editing
Honey Coming- Prologue 100% translated, common route 80% translated. Yuma Shichiri's route 5% translated
Hoshizora no Memoria - prologue patch out, common route fully translated, Isuzu's patch released, overall 33333/55183 (60.40%) translated
Hunks Workshop - Being translated, partial patch out
Ikusa Megami Zero - Project alive again, 5205 lines translated
Kawakaburi No Cherry - Being translated
Koitate - Yukino’s route patch released
Little Busters - 93.71% translated, 92.09% edited, patch out with Haruka' route and Kud's route
Love Plus- Fully translated, in the process of finalizing
Majikoi- Yukie + Chris + Momoyo + teacher route patch released, Wanko route TL: 13%
M&M Enchanting Magic & Sweet Charms- 84%
Milky Holmes - Being translated
Muv-Luv Chronicles - Work being done on The Day After 00 + 01
Never 7 - all 113 scripts and 28 of 111 tips through initial translation, 13/113 scripts through final translation
Nursery Rhyme - 9049/34410 lines (26.3%) translated
Ore no Imouto - 9.4% (28/299) scripts translated
Otomimi Infinity - 4130 /105610 (3.91%) translated
Period- All image/UI editing complete, game total translation: 66.60% complete, Miyu + Rin + Aoi + Kohane patches released
Princess Lover - 10% translated
Princess Maker 5- 39% translated
Princess Nightmare - Translator said the project is still active, but very slow, nearly 50% translated
Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails- Sachi Patch released, 80.04% translated
Rance 3 - 75% translated
Rance 4 - 20% translated
Rance Quest - 2% translated
Real Imouto ga Iru - translation: 4330/16108 (27%) editing: 3910/16108 (24%), demo up
Sensei Da-isuki 2- roughly 25% translated, still active
Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi: Total: 185/5400 translated
Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo - Fully translated, someone has gone through all the scripts for editing
Sin- 65% of episode 1 translated
Shuffle Essence+ - group working on it
Sono Hanabira 7 - fully translated
Sorairo - 2755/48557 (6%) lines translated
Steins;Gate - Script and TIPS fully translated, being edited. Unedited patch out, 7/14 early scripts fixed
Suihensei Made Nan Mile - 32% translated, plans to get a patch out "soon"
Tenshi No Inai 12-Gatsu-"status: ~translating:active~"
Tenshin Ranman - 2% translated
The Second Reproduction - Fully translated, 90% edited
Togainu No Chi- 77% translated, partial patch out
To Heart2- 56% - "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", alpha patch with Konomi, Tamaki,Manaka and Yuma routes translated
Tomoyo After - Partial patch released
Toradora Portable - Being translated
Touka Gettan: translation status: ~30% translated
Umineko 8 - Translation: 65%, Editing: 50%, 50% translation patch released
Under The Moon- 6% translated/checked/programmed, still active
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 - 1st draft translation complete
Yandere - 19% translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated, 5% edited
Yosuga no Sora - 33% translated

Aroduc has been working on something new, though has yet to reveal the title. ~~40121/69752 lines translated

Official work

Conquering the Queen - October 28th release
Harem Party- Out of testing, end of 2011
Dear Drops - Translation and editing complete, Feb 2012 planned release
Ef - Scripts back to minori
Harukoi Otome - 6 scripts left to translate
Dengeki Strykers - Translation and editing complete, 2012 release
Sexy magic title from Score- off to script insertion
Da Capo III - Mentioned at AX
Innocent Grey would also like to bring over an upcoming title related to Kara no Shoujo
Negotiations with age still ongoing
Negotiations for Oretsuba are still ongoing
Games from Denbonosu - "Hopefully in the future with MangaGamer, I can do something in the US too."[president of Denbonosu]
Negotiations ongoing with Clochette, would like to bring over Kamikaze Explorers
Picked up a Circus title with gameplay

Eien no Aselia- Golden Master
Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - Master probably a week away
Yumina the Ethereal - Final QC/post production, images being translated and edited, goal end of the year
Moero Downhill Night Blaze- "in final debugging and will be released "when it's ready"; probably before the end of this year"
School Days HQ - April/May 2012
Saya no Uta + Hanachirasu - Oct or Nov
Kikokugai + Django: Being released together
Sumaga- Spring goal, demo soon
Seinarukana- picked up, ~32% translated
Sa.Na.Ra.Ra - 8 completed scripts
Starless - picked up
Starry Sky- negotations with voice actors
Muramasa - Common route complete, 2 of 5 chapters towards true end translated, uncertain what will come from the project

LUDESIA- English release planned
Hakuoki - Aksys 1Q 2012
Corpse Party - Nov22nd X-seed Games


  1. I've been following Tomoyo after, Little Busters and Aiyoku no Eustia, the latter one of the three going quite fast. I am also following Zarradeth's haruhi translation which is going slow.

  2. Hi i'd like to know if Princess Lover will be resumed any time soon?

  3. as of now buddy I have clue it seems to still be on hiatus but I will post any updates when I am able.