Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh Boy.. Netflix Is In Finical Trouble

Well i am sure some you know of netflix "despite where you may live, with region/IP blocks etc" In case you don't know they are one of the hugest rental by mail companies in America, with hugest legal streaming library of movies, t.v. shows, anime etc. So what effect does this have on legal streaming market?? In all honesty it's a pretty huge sign the American market is just not ready for stream only service for entertainment needs and still want physical media. However for niche content like anime it's better for me watch first then buy later and net-flix caters to that.

Quoted from Yahoo News

None of the developments pleased Wall Street as Netflix lost more than a quarter of its value after the bad news came out. If that sharp decline holds in Tuesday's trading, it will mark the first time Netflix's stock price has fallen below $100 in nearly 14 months

My Feelings On This Matter
I do understand this due in part that all games I buy must be in physical form. However net-flix really shot themselves in the damn foot by charging two separate prices for services DVDs/Bluray's and streaming at $7.99 each. That would mean the price for both services doubled thus pissing a-lot of people off who want to rent new released movies in one place. If this keeps up then I really don't see the company last to much longer unless they do some major ass kissing. So what are you're opinions on this turn of events or what will the outcome  be??

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. while I don't have netflix was it really necessary for them to split their streaming and retails?

  2. @ munch this, it is getting costly to keep servers up for streams and paying for license to add new content. It's not cheap or free ya know and neither is shipping out unlimited dvd's per month with postal stamps up with the cost of materials to ship. They figured cutting the two would have been better because they where losing profit but now they really are in a mess