Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looking For Help WIth The Air VN

This is more of plea this time around everyone " I really need some help with this". Thanks to some very kind anons from @chan's /jp/ board.  Due to digging around I was able to get hold of the seen.txt that has around 30-40% of the Air visual novel translated. Despite there being problems with the font "as seen above", the game is playable for only one route which is fine. Now my plea is this.. since this did get a C&D from Key/Visual Arts, the project has long been abandoned since 09 from TLWIKI

I do have the all of the seen.txt as just stated that the translators where using before the C&D and I would love to see this taken off the ground again. So far I have only tried this patch wit the standard or orignal version of Air vn "which is 18+ and has no voice overs". So it will take some major time to make it compatible with the all ages and memorial edition, if that's even a possibility. Sadly as I stated before in some other post I don't know how to program nor do I know how to encode, so I need people that know how to do this.

Forever Wandering

Yeah I might be asking for alot however I willing to promote, host any files and beta test to see this project get done. I do realize that this will take a lot of work to do but I have some faith that it can be done, if enough effort is put in. Hell Kannon, Little Busters, Clannad, Planetarin, and One, All have patches. It's not out the realm of possibility people. I personally have watched the Air anime, movie and read the manga. Only 1/3 had a happy ending "guess which one", so I want to see if it's possible to obtain an happy ending in the visual novel as well.

I might be asking for to much but come the hell on.. It's no impossible, nothing is. If you want to help me out on this just leave a comment here in the GB or send an email to my gmail account. So hmm... sorry for the long dry out plea but this is something important me even with my limited skills. Even you can't do anything but just spread the word then do that for me every little bit helps. Well I will catch you all around later, here is to hope/successes of this project.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Update One: Adding a link to the seen.txt so any body will be able to use it.

Updated Two: The seen.txt works with all versions of Air to certain point, the main problem is the h-scenes in the regular edition are going to need a separate translation. The same goes for the memorial edition since the script is changed with different routes/scenes/endings/.


  1. You sent me the seens a while back and I know a bit about Nscripter but I don't have much free time. AMP, anime, going out and making my VN takes up most of my spare time but when I finish my first VN I'll help.

  2. If I could, I would help.
    I want to see this translated more than anything in the world.

  3. I want to pick this project up. Can you send me the Seen.txt The link here dosent seem to work. I may need help getting started but I
    want to see this project finished.