Sunday, October 30, 2011

The High Cost of Making Anime Series

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Usually I keep up will anime/game/visual novel news on pretty much everything thanks to c.r. news and, "if you have read any my recent post". However I am amazed at the high cost it takes to just one anime episode "which would be around $150,000.00 rounded up". So if you take into account that most anime series are around twelve episodes that would mean it would cost nearly two million us dollars to produce a basic series. This has me thinking...with that much money to do one basic run series, I can understand why that most are only doing twelve epiosde run series "despite my distaste for visual novel adapts this explains why they do it."

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However I just wish Deen or J.C. Staff would use their money more wisely in their adapts, but we all need quality in our animation". This has also curbed my thinking a bit in torrenting anime series, however it will not detour me if there is no other option available. Thankfully there are huge legal options with streaming services like crunchy roll or nico nico to cut down on those options with low monthly payment fee's for HD streaming. I do wish to share something else on the subject, most beginner animators only have annual salary of 1million yen or around 9,000us dollars a year. So any of you guys/gals have any opinions on this subject??

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  1. First comment? Wow.

    I'm a little suprised at the cost of animation...but at the same time...I expected it.

    However your quite right. I've seen a lot of crappy anime that I couldn't sit though. It makes me think. If your going to blow that much cash on an anime...shouldn't you at least make it amazing? I would think so. I mean, I've seen a lot of shotty plots that make me wonder how these productions managed to be published as manga in the first place. Where did all the quality go? I want to see an anime on the same level as the anime movies. I'm not saying the image quality needs to be the same...but at least the stories should compare. Moives like Akira, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away have fantastic stories...stories that I could see being stretched out over the course of 12 episode series...why then...does that not happen? A story isn't exspenive,for the most part it's free! Just...make it up. Yet, most anime is still ...'less equal' than other anime.

    Anyway, intresting post. It makes me wonder much the production costs of shows like Naruto, Bleach, One Peice and Case Closed are...I mean...they have HUNDREDS of episodes... who got the money for that?

  2. Honestly anon, I have seen at least 300 anime with good storylines. As for movies, about 10-20.
    Oh and if you think Naruto and the like would cost loads imagine how much Doraemon has cost.