Friday, October 28, 2011

Well Are You Excited- Final Fantasy Type Zero Demo/Preview

Official Cover-Art
In all honesty I haven't been excited about a Final Fantasy game since 2001 with the release of FFX. It's not that personally hate some of the newer titles, like Crisis Core, Tactics or even some of the newer remakes. However it's just that the main games have been focused more on cinematography with little to no game play. However Final Fantasy Type Zero is gonna change all of that with real-time battles, no random encounters and full movement in 3d much like in Kingdom Hearts so get ready for so many rage quit battles.

A Glasses Girl In My Final Fantasy?? DO WANT

So if you are a fan of action/rpgs this game will be right up your ally and I personally have been playing the demo no-stop for two day's straight and can not get enough of the game. As of now there is no plan to release the game in other country, however I will not give up hope that it will get a state-side release as of yet. It does seem that a chance no matter how slim will be worth it, Square-Enix knows how to release decent games if they take there time. Well below is link to download the demo, feel free to try it out however you will need custom-firmware to run it.

Final Fantasy Type Zero Demo Download

-Cecil The Dark Knight
Official Trailer


  1. that damn Chocobo death scene made me shed a few tears.

  2. Thanks for the link CDK, will download ASAP.

    Having big expectations on the English release(Or patch, whatever) because of the recent bumps in the FF line. SqEnx, do not disappoint(again).

  3. I don't want to sound like a stickler, but "no random encounters" was already accomplished (amazingly) by FFXII.

    Notice how I didn't include "real-time battles". That's because XII was the first to employ the ADB (Active Dimension Battle) system which combined both turn-based and ATB gameplay mechanics. Players utilized this system in one of three ways:

    1) You selected commands for each character, which were then carried out when the action bar was filled. This process repeated itself every "turn" until a battle ended.
    2) You employed the use of "gambits" (essentially a dumbed-down form of programming) which told the character to perform "this action" when "this criteria was met".
    3) A combination of the two.

    ...Damn, I did not mean to give a lecture on the gameplay of a single game. Just shows how much I love it! And Type-0...because that's why I'm here. ^_^;

  4. damn, a square enix game I might like that isn't ff7 or Kingdom Hearts. Never played ff4-6, hated X and onwards. But this has a lot of this I like
    It's a PSP game.
    No random encounters.
    Full movement in 3d.
    And with Fate/zero airing and people talking so much about Tohou I seem to be in an fighting mood.
    Honestly I'm more of a solid story type person, which is why I love VNs. Barely any gameplay!
    Imma download this now.

  5. I recommend 4-6 if you can if not on emulators alone, hell 9 is one of the greatest of all time. I will admit 10 had a down fall but it was still a grind feast with a great story that made me cry....

  6. Loved ff7 compilation and ff9. Despised FFX+ because of the gameplay which I thought was horrible. How you managed to play this for 2 days I don't know, there really isn't much to do. I have already figured out that I will probably enjoy playing as Ace, Rem and Machina and will hate playing as Sice and Queen. King and nine are okay but not great.

  7. ooh, fancy. might have to look into this once it hits the states. Hell, who am I kidding? I know I'm gonna buy it