Monday, October 10, 2011

New Sprite Patch For Umineko Is Up

Beatrice Is Happy

It's been awhile since the Ps3 to PC Umineko project took off the ground and they finally have an update for the sprites/backgrounds. The people over Tweaking Umineko have been working really hard to see a complete patch so the game will be on par with the Ps3 version "which seems to have no chance getting localized liked I hoped". I really do appreciate the work they are doing so far and I could wish that was able to help more besides promoting their work to the best of ability.

One other thing I will be doing is playing arc 4 of the game to show off all of their hard working starting 10/17/11 at 12pm est. Well feel free to download the graphical patch below and if your intrested check out the channel on you-tube to see some play. Hmm.. Not much else to say on this as of now, so i will catch you all later. Make sure to stay safe this month... the month that begin the whole mystery nearly twenty five years ago.

Some How.. This Makes Sense...

Sprite Patch Update

You-Tube Page

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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