Friday, April 29, 2011

How to set up and Install Visual Novels for Windows based computers

Yeah, Yeah I know have been talking a-lot bout these lately and not doing many reviews. I have just been so interested in the source material for some of my favorite anime that I can not help myself to talk about them.  So i figured why not teach some you how to do this so you can play them. Okay now this is going to be short sweet and straight to the damn point so if you don't follow my instructions exactly it's not my fault if something happens and this is not illegal to do nor will it mess up your PC trust me on this.

Okay first off is Windows XP due to the fact that is much harder to do than the two newer windows operating systems. Please pay close attention to these steps and contact me if you need any help what so ever.
  1. Click Start, Then Control Panel.
  2. Click Date, Time Language and Regional Options.
  3. Now Click on Regional and Language Options.
  4. With me so far? Now on the region tab go to location and you will see a scroll option for languages, scroll up to Japan.
  5. Next you need to click on the advance tab.
  6. Okay now this is part is tricky but still simple to do, on the other half of this tab you will see "code page conversion table" Click in the Japanese option to install the language.
  7. In order to install you will need your windows xp disc that came with your computer, just put that disc in and it will install the language pack you need. Click apply then restart
  8. Wa la your computer is now ready to play Japanese visual novels and other games from Japan.

 Okay now as I just stated that just covers "Windows XP", Windows Vista and 7 are similar so you just need to follow these simple instructions to play these games. Believe me it's much more simplified to do on newer versions of windows.
  1. The same for XP really, Click start then control panel.
  2. Now click "Clock, Language and Region".
  3. Click "Region and Language".
  4. Okay now this is different from XP so pay attention, Click on the "Administrative Tab".
  5. If you have followed me so far click on "Change system Locale" and click "Japan". After that just re-start your computer no disc needed for Vista or 7. 
  6. Now your vista and 7 PC are ready to play Japanese games/Visual Novels
Okay now is this simple enough for you guys? I would do Mac OS 10 or Linux but I have never used those operating systems before so that would be a complete shot in the dark for me.  That's all I need to say on this, if you need any help just leave some feed-back and I will do my best to help you. If you still fill like and idiot feel free to consult misaka below she will take care good care  of you. Okay peace out guys and I will have my next review up soon so look froward to it. 

To help out a bit please go here "Magic-Disc" to install a fake mounting freeware to install and play games form "ISO, Mdf or Mds" Formats. I know that some of you might not know how how but the site has simple to follow instructions to follow on this so please pay attention and above all just have fun playing these games. If you need another option I recommend Alcohol 120% to use as well "which is much better but you do have to pay for this software"


Alcohol 120%



  1. good to know, if I ever get the chance to get a visual novel.

  2. These instructions are really helpful. I'll def use this as reference if I install a game!

  3. nicely laid out instructions, clear and concise, had no difficulty following them, thanks a lot ^^

  4. Why when im changing the unicode languange to japanese, it says" setup was unable to install the chosen locale. please contact your system administrator" can anyone help?

  5. what os are you using?? Also are you the main user/admin on the computer? If not that could be problem as well.

  6. Yeah that's probably a problem with not being the computer's admin account.

  7. Magic-Disk is a terrible program, iirc it's bulky, slow, and loaded with packaged bloatware; and worse yet they've been trying to push proprietary formats that only magic-disk can handle (thankfully they are rarely if ever used). Better to go with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 52...

  8. Yes magic disc isn't the best program out there to use, but this is for simply for beginners. I prefer alcohol 100% Myself but not many newbs are going to have the patience to download that, look for a crack to apply etc.

  9. i actually already new this stuff but do you know how to covert the japanese install text to english? i have a patch but it says the game has to be installed first

  10. it's actually quite simple you just install the game then run the patch. It takes care of the rest by taking the Japanese script and replacing it with the fan-translated one. So sorry for the late reply

  11. THANK YOU. I have been trying to figure out why the install files didn't display properly for a long time. It was so simple that I missed it. D'oh.