Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I am doing and Why I am here.

Okay Anime Review Blogs are about as original as reality t.v. in the states today. Why should you give two shits about mine or even bother to read it you might me be asking yourself, well you shouldn't I am doing this out of boredom and my free time that I have. I am doing this because I love my hobby so much I just want to share my opinion with others on it, if you take any offense to this guess what? Tough shit bro I am not here to wipe your ass but to give reviews on anime that I like and ones that deserve a slow painful death from meth overdose. Yes I will also be talking about Visual Novels as well, which in case most that I do play are adult so that's why this is an eighteen plus blog. I do not play the cheaply made ones "anymore" so don't even ask me about them I will do a review for them on my own merit but you might not like it.

Like most people my age "which is 25 mind you" I grew up watching anime on something called "cable television" way back in the off year 1992 . Now Take a guess what my first anime was on TV was come on I will give you a minute.. wait for it..  "Sailor Moon" on "WGN Chicago". Yeah  Sailor moon was my first TV anime. Even though that was my first dive into anime I was not hooked until I saw the great anime movie "Akria".That movie along with other shows like "Dragon Ball Z" and "Tenchi Muyo" where enough to get me in to this weird hobby around in late1995. Since then this hobby "of buying dvd's, sound tracks and so forth" has drained more money from my wallet than a whore on Friday night.

My first taste in the the other half wasn't until late 2000's better known  as "Dating-Sims" here, in the which is just a horrible slang word for most of these great games. I will admit like most horny teenage boys I played these for the tit's and sex, nothing more or less. As I got older and to my surprise some that I played actually had really good stories with well round characters such as "Clannad", "Higurashi", "Umineko", "Wanako To Kuraso" and  "School Days". These games are where I actually give a fuck about each character and want to see how it will end depending on the choices I make and the eternal outcome for each. Okay that's enough talk about "visual novels" lets move on to the more adult side of things if you catch my drift.

Now certain ones like "Do You Like Horny Bunnies"  and  "Snow Sakura"  do not count as an ground breaking or genre changing mold in the bunch but that doesn't meant they are bad. Also these are not all ages "visual novels" but  adult ones called an "eroge" which are along the same line and can be just as good "even with all the graphic sex later on" which has to be earned in my opinion, not right of the damn bat.

These type of PC games are not meant for children in anyway shape or form so please if your under eighteen get the hell out because I am not responsible for you, nor do I want to be. Now if you want to know what visual novels are in detail please go to my." I will describe  in full detail for you how to set your PC to play them "If you own a Mac though I'll post what games can work". I will also point out what routes to choose if there are any and how to play efficiently to get most of the endings in one sit through.

That's all I really have to say  If you like me your free to do so. If you hate me with a passion feel free to do that as well. Also you might have noticed that I use wikipedia a lot for my "hyper links" just like this one. I find it to be a very useful source of information for anime, web culture and many other things. I also use a bunch of anime pics and other things to express my emotions because well I am just to damn lazy to do a "web-cast" so deal with it. Well that's it from me guys have fun and just feel free to post on here whenever you can.

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