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MyTop 4 Anime Of All Time

Yeah yeah this is about as original as any new harem or mecha anime in the past 3 years, but I need to get it out of the way so you know where I stand. I pretty much watch anything so don't be to surprising if I list things that are polar opposite of each other in terms of genre and style.


This Anime is based on a visual novel adaption from 7th expansion which first came out in comiket 62 august 10th 2002, and the squeal arcs where released up until 2006 comiket 70. There is a full English adaption out for this visual-novel from mangagamer and as of now you can also get the first arc free on your Ipod/Iphone and Ipad via Itunes. I would talk more about this but that will be going in my visual novel section.

What an I say about this series That I do not like... If there is only one thing it's the animation done by "studio deen" and it's so obvious where it falls flat but the series as a whole with it's story telling, sense of mystery and horror elements kick all of that out the window so I can care less if the animation drops a bit here and there. Not once in the entire time that I was watching this was I bored, EVER, I genially  cared about every single character that came along "even the main villain of the series" This is one of the few series, That I can recommend to anyone that I personally and not feel weird about it, It is one of the few though that I do wish where Funimation would please finish off the (series) please just do it already Leaving off at a huge disarray of 29 episodes not brought over is not a good thing to do and people will go the other way if need be.This anime is about a guy named Keiichi Maebara who has moved to the country side with his parents in small town called Hinamizawa a small town with a population around 2000. 

He adapts pretty quickly since he had a reason for wanting to leave his old home town but I will not spoil that for you. He makes friends with one of the main heroine's "Rena Ryugu", who has a fascination with cute things and quote "wants to take them home", since the town is so small everyone goes to the same school not matter what grade you are in so he is friends with mainly "females" but still it doesn't fall into the harem territory unless you want it to. Something called "Oyashiro's curse" "the local deity there, has been taking place for the past 5 years, It is where some one dies and some one disappears from existence, but why who is doing this and for what reason?  I would say more about it but that's no fun at all, that's for you to see. The town is dipped in traditional Japanese culture all over the place from the festival of departed souls to main head family and being ousted for what your family did even though your child, even with all of these barriers it is still so enjoyable to watch.

The main focus of the series if you watched the videos is the violence and murders but why is it happening what is the rational behind it? Also why does the story it's self (resets) every 5-6 episodes as well but play out differently?If you truly want to find out JUST WATCH IT, THERE is nothing bad I can say about it at all, I know that's being hugely biased but well why do you think I have it as my number one? I Give the a 5/5

This anime is based on a manga, by Kiyohiko Azuma which was published into 4 separate volumes from 1999 to 2002.   The T.V series was produced by none other than "J.C.Staff" which is known for doing bizarre and above/beyond the call of duty weird shows such as "Excel Saga" . This anime aired from April 8th 2002, Until September 30th 2002 on Japan's main station "T.V. Tokyo" and is very well received in Japan as well as here for just the uniqueness of the show.

I am going to be blunt about this, this is not anime for everyone. It has a lot of Japanese Jokes and references so it might create a huge barrier there for a lot of people. With all of this said, this is a slice of life/comedy anime which some tend to avoid like the dark plague,  This is a genuinely fun anime that you can show to about anybody and they will not get offended. I will say one thing though I hate the dub for this anime and I have my reason why I do so. It seems that everyone in the pulsing business in America must make anyone from southern japan "Osaka it seems" must have a southern accent like here in America which I find retarded and redundant to do, please just stop it's not funny at all just stop. Here is couple of videos showing the difference between the 2 at the top of the review. Now moving on sorry for all of the tl:dr but i needed to get it out of the way. 

This anime is basically about following the lives of  6 "normal high school girl" and their weird teacher's daily lives. At the time is was ground breaking and still is with the character "chyio-chan" an elementary school student that skipped all way past middle to her 1st year of high school which she is introduced in the 2nd skit of the epiosde. I really can not complain much about this anime, it's a blast to watch over and over again, each character is unique from "osaka being shy lazy and tired all the time" Tomo-chan that is just the poster child for "adhd", each character is so unique that it goes to level that I rarely see in most anime today, "not carbon cut outs of stereotypes"The only bad thing i can really say for it is that not everyone is going to like an anime little or no plot to it at all, if that's your case just avoid this series but for those who do like to mellow out and have fun this is something I highly recommend you watch, before you watch it's offspring like "lucky star or k-on" "I am not saying those are bad I am just posting those along the same line of the genre is all. You can watch full episodes of this series on Anime Network at any time via streaming, sadly it is only dubbed there though but this is all I can offer a link to, The dub sample is the top video and the sub is the bottom one, just to clarify. 5/5

3.) Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wow what I can say about this show... I mean really From start to end it is a complete mind fuck. Think now I watched all of this when i was only 14 at the time "it might explain my twisted personality now" but still the amount of religious symbolism is very very high. From having to fight "angels" to finding the remains of the 1st human "Adam" it's very over the top done but this is from Studio Ganaix so there is no huge surprise there, they are known for their over the top what the FUCK ending's and  did i just really see that?? They have the sensation to where it feels like you have been "trolled" by the creators and people on the net came up with a term calling it a "Ganiax End". This is one the 1st series that have had me hooked since the 90's and has warranted a huge re-watch over and over again sadly due to "ADV" going out of business the original TV series is no longer licensed as well as the movie. "Funimation" however is putting out the new movies for the series "Eva 1.11 and 2.22." so If you have never seen the series at all before this is a great chance to do so.

Okay now on to the plot of the show which is basically It's about an average high school boy named "Shinji Ikari" that has been forced, into what seems to be a battle between heaven and earth and they use giant mechs as the means of defeating their opponents and killing off "God's Angels" yes I said god angles open up a bible and ever angle in the show is in the bible, I shit you not.  This is also the first series that I can think of that had the quite, monotone girl "Rei Ayanami", this character often shows little to no emotion unless she is around the right person, The polar opposite character of her for the series is "Asuka Langely Soryu" who is way more up beat and probably the 1st character that I can look back on and call an "tsundere" The mechs them selves are a huge difference from the normal affair due to to the fact they are limited in the amount of time they can move around and fight, which still hasn't been done by anyone else to date.

The ending is where a lot of people seem to get confused epically if you only watched the t.v. series, "yes the clapping around shinji" It's suppose to be a metaphor for him , for finally coming to terms with who he is as an young adult and finally growing up. He did not want any help from no one and wanted to solely rely on him self so he finally came to the revelation that there others do care for him no matter what and he does have a family "not in the normal sense" that still love him.  Yes big spoiler I know but come on this anime is over 15 years old now and has aged very well mind you. If you haven't seen it then guess what? Tough shit to you then/sarcasm. Yea I am being bit of an ass but well it took me 5 times of fully re-watching the show go get it so don't feel to bad. I give this show a very high 5/5



Toradora is a light-novel series created by "Yukuko Takemiya" and was published in March 10th 2006 until March 10th 2010. The anime adaptation was picked up by "J.C.Staff" and  aired from September 2008 and May 2009. This anime Is Fully Licensed by NISA, and is still currently selling the DVD box-sets at their official site. If You really want to support the show I suggest you buy it while you can. This anime is very well done, beautifully animated and just overall good to look at, there where a few drops in "quality" here and there but nothing that can't be forgiven for the over arching story and characters. I found each character in this show to be unique with there own back ground and history, there was a nice level of character depth to every single one an shows how good characterization can be done over time.


This anime is another slice of series, but this time around it is a romance comedy/drama. so while again that might drive-away some "western fans" this is a show that should not be missed by any means. The story is about "Ryuji Takasu" A 17 year old high school kid who is often mistaken for delinquent because of the way he looks, he has a inherit disorder on his eyes called "Sanpaku" which distorts how normal eyes are suppose to look and it's also funny due to the fact that Ryuji is "obsessive compulsive" and cannot for the life him stand dirt and grime.. The main male lead has a crush on a girl in his class named "Minori Kushieda" who is an above average high school girl, with really good grades plays on the school softball team and has been on his mind for a long time but never had the courage to tell her how he fells. Ryuji gets into a bit of fight with the other main female lead "Taiga Aisaka", better known around the school as the "PalmTop Tiger" because of her short temper and stature she easily snaps at anybody and doesn't take crap from no one.


Once they are done with their little fight he mistakenly finds a love a love letter in his bag that Taiga was suppose to give the last main male lead "Kitamura YĆ«saku", a smart all around well loved guy that is the "vice president on the student council" and when  Ryuji gets home he takes the envelope out to read but to his surprise, there is nothing in letter "it seems miss taiga is bit of an air-head". Ryuji decides to go to bed after his ordeal that day but later that night he is attacked by Taiga "a typical tsundere reaction" by swinging a kendo sword breaking stuff and so forth, Ryuji calms Taiga down and  He tells her that there is nothing in the envelope and she has a bit of break-down. The two come to terms and deiced to help each other by hooking them up with the person that they like.


Now most of you can probably see where this going to go, you have to be a person with an IQ of 50 not to figure it out, so yeah I would spoil more of this series but that's no fun It ruins the point in watching the show in the first place. I have given you the basic set up for the plot and you will have to go from there if you truly want to see this show then I recommend buying the dvd's while you can from "NISA STORE" It might be a little pricey but hell things could be a lot worse in life. This is probably the best romance/comedy/drama anime that I have ever seen and I just recommend to anybody that likes that sorta of thing. I give this anime 5/5 and hope there is more to come later down the road. This show as of now is available to stream on "anime news network" the first 4 episodes are free, but you have to pay to stream the rest.

Edit: Sorry for the minor update I had to had tora-dora to the list it is one of my all time favorite romance anime's and I just could not let it slip. I have a top 10 list in mind but there is no point in me doing so, you see what type of shows that I like now, and what I will watch. There is no point listing 2 or 3 shows in the genre here that serves no purpose, I will make a small post later with my top 10 and worst 10 to let everyone know.



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  1. I aggree with 1,3, and 4 but I would have put Toradora 1st lol and yea I never found Azumanga to be good but more weird than anything.. But hey that's just my opinion :) anyway good job