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Okay Enough Umineko/Higurash TIme For My First Spring Review "A Bridge To The Starry Skies"

two of our leading ladies

What anime am I doing this time around? It is "A Bridge To The Starry Skies", and this is about as generic as it can get people. Also reviewing  another anime based on Visual Novel or "Eroge" is the better term.  You ask might  ask  yourself "OH I see he only does reviews on those type of anime.. Suck my dick people, I didn't even know this game/anime even existed until "Crunchy Roll" announced the license for it "Aside for the chart which I hardly use anymore".This "Eroge" is from the company "Feng" the same people that did "Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka" which also has an anime adaptation as well.  The game came out  on "October  15th 2010 on the PC only so why an anime so soon"? Are game sales that low for the product??

I don't really mind the fact they pick do anime adaptation's of visual novels or adult ones "Eroge" but due to the fact that most of the time they feel rushed out the door just in order to sale more copies of the original source material. These can be done right however and I have seen it happen before look at "Clannad" and "Kanon" from "Key Studios" , but  I suppose this is marketing strategy for "Feng". One thing that is funny there is no voice over change this time around. This is a big surprise that they are using the same voice actors from the game in the anime which strikes me as odd to do. Perhaps it has to do with contracts with the game and voice actors since the game is not even over a year old.

The major gripe I do have though is cutting down to twelve episodes and only choosing to do one ending only is not a good way to do things because it cuts out so much material and back story for each character and doesn't show the other realms of possibility "The visual novel is good which is why I am complaining look at the video above." Alone there is over seven different endings or more for this game alone,  this is not something that works to their benefit all the time. Take the school days anime for a prime example they did the worst route/ending possible out of twenty one other endings possible at the time.  I suppose that  I can be a little optimistic about this because Yousga no Sora  proved me wrong, however I don't think they will be able to pull that type of ending agian.

Insert generic kiss joke here

I mean really there are more but I will not there isn't a point in doing so, even getting the ecchi elements out the way and no it's not really on par with fan-service. Personally this is  just a time killer that's pretty visuals to look at, which is a good point in favor of this anime. It's very well animated and looks clean crisp, most things seem to go pretty fluid and there
doesn't really seem to be a lot of chops in the animation. The music is another high point I love piano and instrumental music overall to express emotions and it does it pretty well but even then with these perks the rest of it drag it down.

The characters and story overall are just generic, "Kazuma Hoshino moves out of town to take care of his younger sibling Ayumu Hoshino because he is frail and the country side seems to be better for him.. really?." They did establish however in episode two that there parents are "ALIVE" and might be coming to live with them after they are done packing from the previous Home. "I just have to give it some credit for but there are still no main parents around what a surprise.." I guess for the set up there doesn't need to be any nosy parents butting into the affairs of teens fun.

There isn't a damn thing here ground breaking at all or mold changing at all so do not expect much what so ever it's just basic setup for a for a basic harem anime 101.  From the child hood friend the male lead forgot to the typical shy/timid girl. It also doesn't help that each female character also has a different hair color as well which is really getting old now. The last bit of praise I can give it though this time around is the fact that it has three male characters "even if Kazuma Hoshino little brother Ayumu Hoshino looks like a girl" at least they trying to get more males in the cast this time around and maybe even "Ayumu Hoshino" will get a girl as well who knows? At the end of the day this just an average harem anime that's okay to watch just don't expect nothing great or ground breaking from this series.

Now I am going to ask in all honestly are any of you going to re-watch this more than once and if so would you even care about this series from a year now or even bother to buy the DVDs if they come to your country? This is why I am so thankful for legal streaming so I can still watch the shows I want to but cut down on the crap to want to legally buy instead of those early blind buys that I grew up with in the 90's. Well that wraps things up people I have a lot more material to cover so look forward to it~


Music: 4/5

Story: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 2/5

Overall Rating:  3/5 

Legal Stream

Age Rating 13+ 

- Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. I dropped this very early. lol I'll pick it up again (maybe) when I get the chance. Thanks for the review, it looks tolerable when you say it like that.