Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Reviews

Okay now just to get this off my chest I will be doing a weekly review aside from normal post like this. Yes I do know that i have been lacking lately in the department but look forward to one every Tuesday. Now the reviews I do will be on a 1-5 scale on anime and visual novels. I will not do 1 to 10 scale due to the fact that anything below a 5 isn't worth a shit on that scale. So it  makes more sense to me to use the 1 to  5 scale. 

Okay not that I have this aside there will hopefully be others here that do reviews as well due the fact this is a joint site project as of now.  I want some others to help to get this started and I am still looking for 4 more people to do so, just contact me if you wish to help out. Now with all of this aside I do wish to think those that have visited here so far and already made  me hit a 1000 hits in only two weeks, thank you all so much. Please enjoy this video below as thank you.

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