Monday, May 9, 2011

Now Launching My Live-Stream Account

The pic above is not related but just cute. Now some of you might be asking what the hell is live stream? It's exactly what it sound likes in the title people, a website where I am able to stream off of my computer and show you games, movies, step by step instructions for how to do things as well. I will be launching it tonight at 8pm my time by playing the first full arc of umineko for your enjoyment. Please feel free to drop by and have a good time, I do hope to see tonight.

Yes this post is not as long as my other or well thought out I just wanted to point this out for you guys/gals. This is something that has been stuck in the back of my head for long time to do but I just never got around to it until today. Let the good times and I will be reviewing "Aria Scarlet Ammo" Tomorrow by 4pm the latest. I hope you hall have fun time the link to my channel is below.

Visual Novel Play

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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