Friday, May 13, 2011

Drop of Licenses "Funi Lets go of Higuarshi and Familiar of Zero"

Usually I try not to bitch, piss, moan and groan about a distributor business practices but this really had me pissed off for the passed few days. I just need to get this off chest and ask why wait so long to do so? Why not try to do a S.A.V.E. Edition for both series to make a bit more off the license or at least try to promote them more. I do realize that the sales did not meet their expectations and this was a license recuse from Geneon USA but why dangle it for year with out producing any more copies? Funimation is business and they do need make a profit off of the sales to warrant a release for the other seasons as well thus the reason for the drop. I will say this, I do not harbor any ill will towards Funimatoin to let you guys now.

However they do have to realize that most fans at the time where under the age of eighteen in 07-09 there for a lot of the fans could not buy it legally and it didn't help that geneon released single DVDs at 30-40 dollars a piece. I don't think many parents are going to buy their kids a forty dollar DVD single ever two to three months. Okay I am done venting guys, what done is done. Is there still hope that Higurashi and Familiar of Zero will see the light of day here again? That's up to you guys, let other companies like "Sentai Filmworks" or "Crunchy Roll" that you legally want to see/own the series. This is all I am going to say about this, peace out people. Enjoy the op for series below as much as I do.

-Cecil The Dark Knight.

My Legally Bought Copies

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