Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I Use To Review Anime and Visual Novles

I know this is not the most important thing in the world to discuss, but I do wish to get this out of the way. As I am aware most of you either watch anime on your PC/Mac by using "Torrents" downloading and watching on an media player using codec packs. Also there is the legal option to use"Stream services" in SD/HD to avoid legal issues. People like me still use physical copies such as DVD's, that you can watch on player such as your standard DVD or Blu-Ray player. I prefer Blu-Ray players due to fact they play both formats thus limiting the amount of devices to hook up. With the introduction of HDTV quality/production of these shows has gone up greatly making them looking just wonderful to watch and listen to. Below are my purchases so far for 2011.

Recent Purchases

Okay for watching DVDs/Bluray movies I use my Ps3 with a max of 1080p res, hooked up with an HDMI cable, to an 32in Vizio LCD HDTV with 720p Resolution w/ Dolby digital sound. Nothing to fancy but it gets the job done for watching my physical media.. Due to streaming services that are now available on the Ps3 such as Net-flix and Hulu-Plus you can pay a monthly fee around "4.99-9.99" to stream unlimited anime series/movies with out having to us psychical copies. The down-side to this however is that you must have a high-speed internet connection/router in order to do so.

T.V. Set Up
Moving on to my review equipment for the PC. This is where I spent most of money and my time at to still watch anime/play visual novels. I have a Dell Xps Studio Desk-Top 7100. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5450 Video Card, Hooked up to a Dell Flat Screen Hd Monitor, through a DVI cable w/ a max resolution of 1440x900. My sound out-put is Real-Tex HD that is THX certified, so even with my speakers half up I can jam pretty damn hard. The main OS that I am using is Windows 7 home premium 64bit, 6 gigs of ram and a whopping 1tera byte hard-drive. So Yeah as you can tell I have plenty of potential with this computer thus making it easy for me to play any Visual Novel as or watch any show despite any quality issues.

The best site that I do recommend for legal streaming is "Crunchy-Roll" and "Funimation" due to their  huge/legal library of shows for streaming. Crunchy-Roll is now on devices such as the Ipod-Touch, Roku-Box, Boxee and so forth. Now setting up a crunchy roll account is free, however if you want to cut out the ad's that would be another 6.99 month.This is not a bad price at all in my opinion to watch over fifty plus different anime series, with new episodes added each week. That's all I really have to say on this, noting that important or even note-worthy just something I feel like sharing is all. Let me know what you think guys. Below is my set up for PC also comment on how you think.

My Set-UP

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