Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Quick Information Dump For Clannad

Official DVD Cover

The following is not a review just a small info dump on what clannad is, my review will be up in few days so look forward to it.

Yes this has been a long time coming and I do really apologize for the wait on this review so with out further ado let's get the ball rolling. Clannad is an "all ages" visual novel developed by key and published by visual arts on April 28th, 2004 on the PC with a full voiced version released 02/29/2008 with everyone from the original anime cast. Like most key-visual art games the original version of the visual novel had no voice over work until the series got a anime adaption. 

This particular visual novel is so popular in fact that it has ports on nearly ever console and handheld that I can think of. It was release on the  PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360 by Prototype with same full voice over's from the anime cast. This visual novel was also the first key-visual arts series to get a full spin-off called "Tomoyo After It's A Wonderful Life" that continues off of the Tomoyo arc from the main game or TV anime OVA. I will do a review for that one was well as soon as a translation patch is up for it. The following review also contains spoilers so if you want to play this visual novel/game head out now.

Despite this visual novel being as popular as it is, there is no official release in the states for it. So if you really want to play this game you can probably guess what your going to have to do However please at least try to import a copy for the game to show your support for this franchise or at least buy the DVD sets and movie that happen to be licensed in the states by Sentai Film-Works. Show some support for s franchise/series if you really it so they can continue to make series that you like.

Now with all this aside lets get to the main point of review, how does Clannad hold up after all of these years?? I has held up wonderfully despite being nearly eight years old now, it still holds it's own from even the newer 3D visual novels/eroges that are coming out now. With it's wonderful cast of characters, music and plot development there is something here I believe nearly any-body can enjoy. Clannad is classified as a Bishojo Game "or pretty girl game". That's all the information I will dump for now just keep your eyes peeled for the review.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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