Saturday, June 4, 2011

..What did I just play..

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Cat Girl Alliance or Koneko Doumei as it is known in Japan is a eroge developed by Sekilala and published by CD Bros on February 2nd 2004 . The American Localization was taken care by CG Collections and Published by Jast USA on February 8th 2010 with a full uncut release.   The spec requirements for this eroge "like many in the genre" are a joke so I really do not see you having any problem getting this to work on any PC that is fourteen years or older that you may have lying around. 

So is there any thing good about this eroge?? Hmm.. Lets see I will give it three props on being the most kinky eroge I have run across in a long time but sadly, but having to much of erotica and no plot just makes for a badly conceived drivel. The second prop I can give that cg is very well done with any unnoticeable drops in quality. The third or last high point I wish to point to out that the erotica secession them selves are very well done "from the bondage to the wax dripping etc". If I was much younger this would tickle my fancy more, however these are only the high points I can even add for this eroge/visual novel.

A Typical High-school Club??

Okay enough BS Now on the plot "if one can be even be scrapped from this" is about our unlikely male lead Eiji Tachibana who happens to hear some weird noises one day after school, in the nurses station. To his amazement he sees to students on the sick bed, fucking of course but to Eiji's surprise it was two girls going at it. What makes it more bizarre is the fact one of the girls Rumi Takahata has a penis "yes there is a little futa in this eroge as well". So what does our sensible male lead do after seeing this??

Our wonderful male lead Eiji whips out his cock and beats his meat while Rumi is pounding shit out of our female lead Natsuki Misawa. After a few erotic scenes past Eiji shoot's off a huge load that hits the ceiling and runs away like a little pussy. The next day Eiji is called out by Rumi out to the nurses station to join there special "After-school club". Where a group of five high school seniors have nasty kinky sex every day..."Okay now where do I sign up for this" That's the original thing I can add for this eroge and that's saying a lot coming from a guy like me. 

At least it's pleasant to look at.

So with such a wonderful set-up like that you can guess where this is heading, if not get your damn head checked out already. Ninety Percent of this game is just sex upon sex with next to plot what so ever. I guess the high-light that I can give for eroge is that's not bad to look, but it's nice also nice look at the sun but we knows what happens if you stare to long. Not even the BGM or Soundtrack in this eroge is worth mentioning either but it's a tad better than Professor Cherry's bgm track, due in part  of the piano music pieces. So is there anything positive I can add for Cat Girl Alliance? Well if your a eight-teen year old kid in need of quick beat off then I highly recommend you play this or try to buy a hooker for the night instead.

Okay that's all I can bear to stand on covering this shitty game. If you haven't got clue that this game is shit then be my guest and buy it from the link below, or just torrent it if you wish. I know this review is not as long or in detail as the previous ones but this was just a damn pain to even write. I just needed to get this out the way so you do realize that I do not see all eroges/vn in the same light. To be a truly great eroge or visual novel in general you need a good story/plot that's also entertaining. You truly need to care for the characters, want to achieve a goal of seeing them happy, however Cat Girl Alliance does not have this either these requirements so hence my loathsome distaste for it... Well that's it for this review so excuse me while i beat my head against desk for the next three hours.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Rating 2/5

Age Rating 18+


  1. Wow don't care for the story the male lead looks hot. xD

    Anyway... You should take a break from all this eroge, Cecil. <3

  2. You absolutely speak my mind on this VN.
    It could have been a good one... if there were more to the story than "yeah, we have sex, so we can learn more about sex and relationships."
    I took a look at it, played one of the routes (natsuki) and was literaly baffled at how much of the opportunitys of actual story the writers missed.

    Everything revolves around sex and the Angst of being left behind.
    Yes, there are people that have these fears, but sex is not a remedy for that. I can give it the point of trying to not be sexist with it, but only barely.

    As cecil said, if you´re really interested, take a look, but do not expect much from it.

  3. lol, i played this game and it was terrible. (slightly biased, as i dislike futa characters)
    almost no story whatsoever. just sex and more sex.
    also, as a trap fan, i was hoping for a yaoi route, but there was none, even though the friend was the best character.
    eroge recomendation - Happiness!
    way better, and not just because i like jun.

  4. Go fuck yourself, this game was great you fags.

    1. wow there boy calm down, this was just an early review for me and my opinion on this eroge has changed a bit. As kink/fap material it delivers some solid stuff, no need to get angry over year old review.