Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fall 2011 Anime

This awesome season of anime for spring 2011 is wrapping up pretty soon, thus summer shows will start airing soon. Even though spring is about to end I am just surprised to see the chart for Fall 2011 up so soon. As of now, the only show I think that I will be watching is Fate/Zero, Shana season 3 and the Higurahi Ova's as well. Other than that I am not to sure until some PV videos pop up for the shows. I just feel like giving up a heads up for you guys, my summer watch list up when I get back from my vacation. Okay people I wish you fun and just comment on what you want to watch.

-Cecil The Dark Knight.

Edit update: Newest/Final Chart


  1. looking forward to higurashi's OVA's, the world god only knows OVA, deadman wonderlan OVA, fate/zero and c3

  2. watch mirai nikki! cheer for the 2nd!