Thursday, June 23, 2011

Down In The South Carolina "Update Part Two".

Yes as you might of guessed I am still slumming it down here Anderson County in a Country Mill Community, in South Carolina. So if you read any of that to my surprise this is a bit of culture shock despite the fact that I am from Kentucky. Personally I have had so much fun being down here spending time with my sister and eating things that I am sure none of you have heard of, or will never will eat.

Mainly the things I have eaten down here that have caught my-eye is Fatback and Boiled Peanuts, see some pics below for examples for what I am talking about. Other than that I haven't been doing much expect for eating out every day at different local/regional restaurants. One for example is Zaxby's, which is only available in this part of the country. I will admit that their food is really good despite being all chicken "gee I wonder why this sounds familiar", I do however prefer the menu they have there lol.

So yeah everyone I am having a great time down here and sorry for this not being anime related. I will be back home this Saturday "6/25/11" So most of the reviews that I have been working on will be posted by then and also look forward to a little treat as well. Okay peace out everyone and enjoy your summer vacation.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. ooh, a little treat.
    I've had boiled peanuts, not a big fan of them. And I don't like chicken so that doesn't seem like the place for me :)
    Oh and that cg at the top. It looks very familiar.