Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

So how can I sum up my Dad in a few choice words?? A bad ass mother-fuc*** that does not take shit from no one. My father is the type of person that stands up for what he believes and does not back down no matter how hard the problem is. Perhaps I am praising my father a little to much but it takes a real man to raise a child and marry a single mother like he did. "Yes you might of guessed he is my Step-Father", despite this fact no matter how I was conceived, he is still the person that helped raised me since I was two-three years old.

This is a small video tribute to him and no it's not anime related I am sorry, but me and my dad did watch Married W/ Children while I was growing up so this brings back so many great memories watching the show. Well I hope you enjoy this video, I also hope that your "Father's Day" was great like mine and you spent a lot of time with your Dad.


  1. Aaaaw that's so sweet of you! Happy father's day to your dad. <3

  2. ah Married with Children, I wish I could at least watch the re-runs. anyways it great you had such a great father figure in your life, take it from someone who was raised by a single mother with 5 other kids, you were lucky.