Friday, June 17, 2011

Down In South Carolina

No this is not anime related in any way shape or form "not unless you count the header image", if you thought it was then you wen the "Dumb ass of the year award." Yeah sorry for being such a douche..Oh wait I'm not.. just joking people. I am actually enjoying myself this time for once in my life away from anime/vn/manga and it actually feels nice doing so. Connecting with my sister I never have a chance to grow up with up and seeing her side of family is actually getting me out this damn depression I have stuck in for while for which I am highly grateful for.

Getting all of this aside I will be going fishing for the next three days so if you do not see any post what so ever you can guess why. Don't worry I am still playing Clannad "..Key why do you do this to me?"  I am still trying to think of what to do for the review due in part of how many routes there are. As I mentioned in my last post there will be a review up for one of the worst eroges I have played in long time so look for that in the next two-three days. Okay people have fun during your summer break because I know that I am and off the record "I am hoping to finally score some ass". Peace out people and have fun watching this creepy as video.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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