Monday, July 23, 2012

Monthly Funimation Update From CDK~

To show my support the localization company Funimation on bringing over series for physical release/digital and streaming. So I have decided to a monthly article on some of their up coming releases, contest and dub announcements to inform you all of any news you might not have picked up from ANN, CR News or any other anime news web-sites. So lets get started with the Dub-Cast announcement for last years scifi hit Stein's;Gate that legally streamed last year on crunchy-roll.

The said localization is going to feature some up and coming voice actor talent that is not from normal pool usually select on most shows expect for Christ Sabot. I actually think this is good idea to get some fresh talent out the door so we can hear some fresh new voices in dubbed anime. Even if you are not fan of dubbed anime this will give Stein's;Gate a chance to air on adult swim which is always good to bring in newer anime fans to this scifi hit.

Official Trailer~

 Localization Team
CHARACTER       Actor
OKABE J. Michael Tatum
MAKISE Trina Nishimura
MAYURI Jackie Ross
DARU Tyson Rinehart
SUZUHA Cherami Leigh
JOHN TITOR Patrick Seitz
BRAUN Christopher R. Sabat
NAE Brina Palencia
RUKA Lindsay Seidel
MOEKA Jessica Cavanagh
- -
ADR Director Colleen Clinkenbeard
Line Producer Colleen Clinkenbeard
Head Writer John Burgmeier
ADR Engineer Stephen Hoff 

Well any-thoughts on the trailer, localization staff for this cult hit? I personally think that Okabe's voice is trying a bit to hard to make the character have low pitched voice. Other than that it seemed to be pretty decently done so far, but I will hold off on doing a dub review once I get the set on DVD and Blu-Ray set later this year when I get the money~

Funimation is also holding another survey to see what  game system, phone or tablet device you own. This is to spread their new streaming app on a wider brand of devices like Roku to offer more people a chance with low income to watch anime. I have already filled out the current survey and by doing so you get put into a contest to win a DVD/bluray set of Funimation's choice. The survey ends July 31st so make sure to hop to it while you can with a chance to win a free set~

Now let's move on to pre-orders that up and available on Right-Stuf's website. One that has personally caught my attention is that A certain magical Index seems got be getting a DVD only release so far. I can not 100% confirm this matter but according to the listings on Right-Stuf it will be split in two DVD 13 epiosde packs which might not set well with some anime fans that want to watch the series in HD which is huge nit pick for anime fans now.

In other DVD/Bluray news you can pre-order Aria of The Scarlet Ammo, Shana I-II, Spice and Wolf and Shana season one-two complete sets now as well from Right-Stuf for under the forty dollar mark on each set. If any of you wish to pre-order any of these sets feel free to click on the hyper-links below. That should do it for this month, just leave any feed back, comments or suggestions you have for my next funimation news update~

Funimation's Survey
Stein's;Gate Dub Announcement

Aria of The Scarlet Ammo

Funimation Pre-Orders:
Certain Magical Index Part One DVD
Certain Magical Index Part Two DVD
Aria of The Scarlet Ammo DVD/Bluray Combo
Spice and Wolf Complete Series DVD/Bluray Combo
Shana Season One Complete 
Shana Season Two Complete

Update: I can now officially confirm that Index season one will be DVD only given funimation's current release slate.  I really can not say I'm surprised by this on any level all  I know is that fan out lash will most likely be harsh because of decision. Regardless I will be buying DVD sets myself just to finally own a legal part of the franchise.        

 -Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. not really sure what to make of the dub trailer for Steins; Gate, the cast looks decent enough, and for the survey I put in the last comment "Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"

  2. I think I am just suffering from otakuitis but not a fan of Okabe or Aikawa (Is this a zombie) so far, hoping for better on Touma, still day one purchases