Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Must It Be So Damn Hot??? Summer 2012 Anime Watch List

Official Summer 2012 Chart

Well with summer 2012 anime season starting up.. I have some bold and blunt statements to make. As of now I'm currently done with any new anime this year unless they are sequels or ovas to series I already like. Now this doesn't mean I'm not going to give any shows shows a chance this season because so far I've caught the first episodes Yuru-Yuri 2, Tari Tari , Swords Arts Online, Muv-Luv Total Eclipse and Oda Nobuna which are aviavle for streaming at crunchy-roll, just check you local region for more details on the simulcast. Hell I'm so unpressed by most of the summer titles this sums up my feelings quite well.

The down-side is that despite some interest in these anime series they are more on a marathon list instead of week to week watch which will save me money in the long run from crunchy-roll's monthly simulcast bill. Maybe I'm getting a bit shewed at my older age, however I want something entertaining to watch, not something that will make me fall asleep for dire boredom. Well this should wrap up things nicely now, what are you all enjoying for summer 2012 so far or what are some of your biggest disappointments so far?? Also feel free to answer this question, why is most summer anime just so damn mediocre?? That should wrap things up everybody, I'll catch you all around later~

List of Ova's I Plan To Watch:
To love ru darkness Oad
Corpse Party: Missing Footage
Code Geass: Nunally In Wonderland
Sankera Oad
Mysterious Girl Friend X
Kiss x Sis Oad 7
Squid Girl Oad
Listen To Me Girls Oad
Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu:Finale
Mystic Archives of Dantalian:Ibarahime

Make Sure To Stay Cool This Summer~

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. hmm... can't see the list, for some reason it won't let me zoom in.

    1. i don't see why not hmm it could be a phone problem