Friday, March 2, 2012

Former "Anime" Fan Thad Has Gone Rouge

My Thoughts Summed Up
Oh for the love of god where the hell do I even start on this subject. For those who do know me personally. I am a huge lurker, gather of information online and yes a bit of lolicion however this not about my hobbies or what I do. I have the moral choices and correct will power to not act like god-damned fool. So it seems that Thad or a fellow anime fan crossed the line going on face book talking about fapping to CP and I am not talking about cheese pizza. However I might get one for dinner tonight..hmmm cheese...

I am talking about hardcore child porn, he was stupid enough to talk about were to get it, how to download it and even encrypt it. Face-Book is an open source net-work so any one with half of damn brain would not even joke or post that type of info online with huge back fire chances with comments that are to preserve even for me to write here. He was arrested by the local officers from the nearest FBI bureau located in Louisville Kentucky and found in possession of 300-350 images/videos of CP.

Well it's nice to know that anime fans still get a good name but damn... what the hell can change some one so much?? Is it due in part he wanted attention by posting videos of himself online having sex with a body pillow of his waifu kotonoha from school days "Don't even ask". This could just be done as shock value well but he well but you have to pick a time/place for that. Like I previously stated he was arrested on February 29th  with a court day pending with the charges in the below .pdf file.

Below is pic of the said defendant and a link to the court.pdf file

Why Can't He Hold All Of These Dr.Peppers??

Edit/Update: Thad McMichael was released on bail "i have no link to confirm at this time" and the court ruled that he is to no have connection to the internet and he must find a job.


  1. I believe you already know my opinion of this.

  2. that guy is an idiot.
    (that is all i can say without going on a 5000 word rant)

    1. let it out then bro, going on open forums and doing stupid shit like this is what makes me sad

  3. My otaku pride is sadden this day...