Sunday, March 4, 2012

Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are Finally Coming State-Side

With the Nintendo Wii reaching it's end life-cycle within this coming year due to the Wii U.  It would seem that Nintendo of America and our bros from x-seed games, are finally giving us hardcore gamers a few rpgs to play. Major thanks are from  online petition group from operation rain-fall which does prove that fans can get shit done. With so few to none existence hard-core gamers on the wii here in the states these are a must buy for any fan to show we still want games with decent stories/characters/plot and music. 

Hell the last story has is written/directed by many the orignal creators that started the final fantasy franchise. Xenoblade chronicles is from the team that you brought you Xenogears/Xenosaga ep. So if  are fan of those creators/franchise feel free to pre-order the games by clicking the hyper links below.  So please give your Wii one last run this summer before the next console comes out.

Pre-Order Xenoblade

Pre-Order The Last Story

Official Trailers


  1. too bad I don't got a wii, I do love RPGs though.

    1. well a wii is only 100 dollars now and the games are 50 each so 200 dollars for 200hrs of entertainment sounds reasonable to me.