Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Boy.. Toloveru Darkness is Getting an Anime

Momo Is Pleased By This~
My body is ready sums up all I have to say to this news about to love ru darkness getting an anaime adaption. By far the entire to love love-ru is one my all time biggest guilty pleasure franchise I like. Now there is only one problem I can see with this and it's the fact that to love ru darkness sexual content is quite high compared to the tame version that ran in shonen-jump since the more adult oriented manga is running in the monthly magazine jump-square. The large amount of high sexual content that can be or not be animated will come into question as well, but my biggest concern is solar flare censor-ship to sell blurays.

Something I did find funny is that one of the recent volumes of square-jump  is giving away 300 limited edition ass-pads of yami to help promote the series. By all means do what sells your product, sex appeal defiantly helps push to love-ru out the door and I am not ashamed to admit that. call me what you will.. For those who can not wait until fall 2012 to see the series a full twenty four minute ova is coming out August 17th bundled with volume five of the manga so look forward to, my main question is your body ready for this??

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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