Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Greatest Love-Story Every Told "Boku No Pico"

 Yummy Ice-Cream~
Yes I am back in full swing with an review of the ova Boku No Pico. It has been six full years since this glorious one-shot manga got a full thirty minute ova in 2006. The ova was animated by the well known h-studio Natural High. This was the first full shotacon anime to ever be produced and marketed towards a straight male otaku market in Japan. With all the time that has passed I figured it's time to do a review on hidden gem from the latter of last decade.

Boku no Pico starts out off with our cute male lead Pico swimming around beautifully nude in the rive with a older onlooker named Tamotsu who sparks some interest in Pico. "Please keep in mind he thinks that Pico is girl until halfway through the ova". Pico works at a bar called the BeBe. Pico usually wears a pink apron or maids outfit for his Ojiisan to attract customers. "this is also the first time I have ever seen a trap in a h-ova". Tamotsu eventually finds the bar and remembers who Pico is from that day so his Ojiisan tells them to go off and have fun.

Thus the fun begins with Tamotsu x Pico's relationship such as my header image. They just go out and have as much fun as two kindred spirits are able to. When Tamotsu takes Pico on drive he finally succumbs to his feelings and lets out his pure love for his younger partner and of course Pico is shocked because Tamotsu doesn't care about his gender or age " He is 19 and Pico is 13". Some of you might find that wrong but ti's just a case of true love for these two..

Our Two Male Leads~

Now I could continue on with the story but I don't want to spoil to much for everyone. You just need to watch this wonderful piece of cinema from anime history and enjoy it like I did. One major highlight is the animation. It is just stunning on the sex scenes with such rhythm/ motion that can-not be captured in any other form of cinema. Overall It's animation/art-work has aged quite well over these past six years that not even high produced movies can match. Not even Madoka or Steins-Gate live up to this level of quailty.

The other greatest high-light is the music for this ova which surpasses even Key/Visual-Arts level of composed pieces. Every piece of music is just moving that it makes you feel so heart wrenched from scene to scene that you will nearly cry. I could go on on this masterpiece of art but there isn't a point. Please find a torrent link and download this wonderful ova you will love every minute of it I can promise you that you might need to even go down in sewer to get a copy.

Hey Kids You Want Some Anime??

Animation 5/5

Story 5/5

Music 5/5

Characters 5/5

Overall 5/5

~Cecil The Dark Knight

Oh.. in case you are wondering HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE. I really hope you enjoyed this mock review of this horribly sick h-ova that shouldn't exist. Now In all honesty had fun writing it this so it was great work out. I will have some more legit reviews up soon so please enjoy my lame prank until then, also feel free to enjoy this, how long can you last??


  1. and then i was like "YOOOOOOOOOO"

    i lold. reading this entire review, i laughed.

  2. but, its still saturday here. and was this really marketed towards straight men?

    1. yes it was, dressing up young boys that make them look female... oh lord JAPAN WHY?

  3. First I was like "wai-wha? Cecil likes shota H-anime?"
    Then I read that last paragraph and was like "OH YOU HORRIBLE TROLL YOU!"
    Good prank though.

  4. LOL a perfect score. I thought you were serious.
    Still, I will be checking this out. I didn't know there was another OVA for this. xD

  5. LOL a perfect score. I thought you were serious.
    I'm still checking this out though. I didn't know there were more than one pico ova.