Sunday, April 22, 2012

El Sy Congroo; Hacking The Stein's Gate Ios App

Tap the screen to let the madness begin
Yes just as the title describes this is going to be a helpful guide to let you hack the stein's;gate ios app and play in game in English. This is all thanks to the guys over at the tsun;tsun blog who have worked hard taking the PC English patch and coding it over for the ios version. This is actually great way to help promote the game even more now that's accessible to the English so a huge barrier is finally out of the way. Now lets get down to business with the tools you need to get the job done, please make sure follow these instructions carefully, also keep in mind this is a manual patch you will need to cut/paste files.

  I am not responsible if you f*** up your iPod or iPad by bricking the device
  1. Your device will need to be Jail-Broken to install the app. The green poison free-ware installer is your best route here.
  2. The next thing you will need is at least 1.83 gigs free space on your ios device to store the app. You can also legally purchase the game from iTunes if you choose to show your support.
  3. Another piece of free-ware you will need is iFun-box which allows you dig around your ios device install folders and apply the patch directly.
  4. The last thing you need is the patches which you can obtain at the tsuntsun blog unless you can read Nippon which beats the entire point of doing this patch in the first place.
  5. After you have fully installed the app click open the iFun-box software which it will bring up a huge list of folders. Click on the folder that says user applications and you will see the stein's;gate logo.
  6. Click on the said logo which will bring up four folders again click on the one that says steins;gate then you will be able to accesses the app installation folder. Your going to have to be a little patient here so keep your pants on while it waits to load.
  7. Now if you have downloaded all the patches make sure they are unzipped so you can copy/paste the files directly in the steins gate app folder "this includes the movies and the English patches" However you will need to post the document patch in the document folder. Again it will take some to writer over the previous ones and the iFun-box might freeze just give it some time. 
  8. After doing this load up the steins;gate app and you will be able to enjoy the story in English, however note there is no word wrapping at this time but hey it's better than nothing at this point in time. 

Enjoy The Op I Uploaded To You-Tube

Now if you have full followed all of these instructions you can play the steins;gate ios app with little to no problems. If you do run across any bugs report them to them people over at the tsuntsun blog and they should be able to help you. I know that this article was a bit boring this time around and it's been nearly a month since I last posted personally there has just been so much going through my mind lately. I will work harder to have more reviews up soon so please look forward to them. Until next time catch ya later~

Edit: Yeah it's only been a day since this post however there has been an update from the group doing the project. One thing is do not update the app for the newer patch I am going to link to. It seems that version V 1.3 is not compatible with their patch "5b+Nitro plus caught on to a glitch from the install. The second bit of news is that this patch is much simpler to install with the iFunbox software.

One last bit is that this patch for non-jail broken iPod/iPad so if you want to use the manual patch feel free to do so and it does work with the updated version. Now feel free to click the links below and please follow their instructions carefully or end up with an expensive paper-weight. That's it for now I will keep you all updated on anymore progress of this patch in the future.

Proof that it works



  1. if you have any concerns please leave a comment or email me.

  2. can you buy me an ipad so I can play