Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Anime on My Ps3?? A Review of Crunchy-Roll App~

This is going to be a quick review based on my two hours of using the crunchy-roll app for the PlayStation 3. Please keep in mind that I am in no way affiliated with crunchy-roll, or Sony Entertainment of America. This review will not have any ass-kissing bias towards any said company, nor am I'm being payed to even review said app "although I need the damn money as it is." With this out of the way onwards with the review~

This is going to be a little unorthodox from every review I've done until now. I am just going to list the pro's and cons of crunchy roll's media app version 1.0. I will then proceed wrap this up with some final thoughts on what I think needs to be improved. Please keep in mind this is not the same as reviewing a piece of media/entrainment. If you really enjoy this style of review I will do more in the future but this is solely based on you the readers think of this style, well gets rolling~

1. This makes anime more accessible and easier to use on the casual market.
2. This helps cut down on need of streaming devices you hook up to a TV or monitor.
3. You don't need a extra subscription to accesses said app "Xbox-live gold for example"
4. The quailty on most anime series is very decent.
5. New/existing members get a 30day free trial "This does exclude those who have already used their free trial if you are an existing member"
6. This is crunchy-rolls first game console app and if it succeds there might be more in the future.

1. This app is only available to people that live in north america "Canada and the United States" as of now.
2. There are issues with lag/buffering on higher res shows that render some unwatchable.
3. This app has playback issues on certain series that will even cause this said app to completely crash.
4. You need to be premium anime member or drama member to use this app and login using your username from crunchy-roll. "you can not use this app unless you have crunchy roll paid subscription."
5. It is very hard to navigate through the menus on the ps3 controller.

So to basically sum this up the crunchy roll app, despite it's faults still has room for improvement and potential to grow, this is the first version of said app after all. Based on the huge demand for want of this app I can see an update coming pretty soon to fix some of these minor issues. The only thing I would change myself is the requirement to login with a premium membership, however they are still treading the water here on the consoles so give it time until then I rate the app as follows.

User Interface: 3/5

Buffering/Streaming Rate: 2.5/5

Picture Quality: 3/5

Sound Quality: 4/5

Design: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

-Cecil The Dark Knight~

Edit: An update was released on 8/8 to  version 1.01 that did address some of these issues I stated in my review. I would have updated sooner if I was actually paying attention like a normal person.. but leaving that aside I highly suggest you update when you are able to since this helps address the streaming/buffering rate issues. I'll catch you all around later~

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  1. other than the some bugs here and there, hadn't had much trouble with the app.

  2. So it's similar to a Netflix subscriber having the Netflix app available. You log in, and can watch the stuff on your device. (Well, technically, Netflix uses a pairing method, rather than a login.)

    1. basically yes, it's a premium feature you pay to use on your ps3