Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy 5th B-day Miku-Chan~

To wrap august up I've decided to a small Image dump in celebration of  Hatsune's Miku's birthday. The famous fictional pop-idol is celebrating her 5th birthday her. Hatsune Miku is based off a 2004 synthesizer software called Vocaloid. Well I could keep info dumping on Miku but just read the hyper-link I posted, al enjoy some nice fan-art I dug around the net for her birth day celebration.

Well that should wrap-up things nicely, I really hope you all really enjoyed those pics. Please feel free to leave some feed back, also enjoy this video I uploaded to you-tube as well, catch you later.




  1. I apologize for posting this three days late, I've been busy doing some stuff everyone. However I still hope you can enjoy this post.

  2. I said this before and I'll say it agian, I just don't understand the appeal of Vocaloids.

    1. I finally come to some conclusion, it's the fact that a virtual idol never ages. They are always pure, can not give or feel love, demand more money, time off etc. So in terms of money making they are a gold mine to market to the public. I'll admit that the music is a little weird, however this is where I see pop rock heading down the road.