Monday, October 15, 2012

My Personal Experiences With The Raildex Franchise.

You Will Love Me~

I am going be bluntly honest here with everyone. I only happened to watch rail-gun first while I was still on my highschoo/middle school fix of shows with comedy/sol about girls and rail-gun fit that. Aside from the five or six heavily action oriented episodes out of 25 "which I still happened to enjoy". I just found Rail-Gun to be overall title to watch with a huge cast of like-able characters and while having a kick-ass female lead misaka that doesn't take bull-sh** from no one.

Something else I wish to point out is that I did not watch the first season of to aru no index until I realized that rail-gun was spin-off of the series. Finding this out peaked my interest even more to watch/read source the material index to see who tomua and index. The main reason for this was my interest was in the back stories/history for all of the characters which I'm a sadly huge sucker for, no matter how cheesy they end up being. This lead me into reading most of the source material such as the light novels, manga and watching more the index anime when the second season did come out.

I do apologize for the TL;DR but it needed to be taken care of so do me favor and kiss my a** if you don't like it. Well I will keep you all informed on anymore index/rail-gun news developments that do happen later this month. I do wish to through up a tidbit of information for you all, if you wish to legally watch/stream index/rail-gun head over to funimations site and buy the Index season one dvd's later this year. I shall catch you all around later then, peace out~

So what is your personal experience with the rail-dex franchise?? Any characters you really like or dislike?? Just leave some feedback to let know!

Index Stream
Rail-Gun Stream

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  1. I got through like 20 episodes of Index, never bothered to finish the rest of the episodes, just didn't really enjoy it that much.

  2. I found the franchise to be very long as you neglected Index.