Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh The Pleasure Of Moving~

I Don't Even Know...

Well as some of you know I'm currently stage of moving into an apartment on the 13th of this month, out from a house I've been living in for nearly fourteen years now. I could sweat with the details but the sole reason has to do with foreclosure on the said house, my father running off leaving me and my mother in debt  leaving me to help her out through a twenty four year shattered marriage nearly a year ago. Oh by the way don't you  even dare to start fucking judging me because I live with my mother due to some assholes mid life crisis. 

Now the other lovely side to this having to blow through two thousand four hundred dollars of my savings that I planned on buying a used car and moving out on is just gone. So I'm stuck again with out any car but hell at least I'm working part-time at the dollar general to help pull my weight now. I've had so much built up anger and hate over the past year which is one of the reasons I really haven't been as activate as I should have been nor is my attitude in the "I give a fuck department".

All of this ranting aside I'm just wanting to let everyone know since I'm moving to a new place I'll be with out any net accesses form four to seven days so I can't even work on projects/post I already had planned. I'm not gong to dwell anymore on my personal life for now. More or less I just needed to give you all a heads up of whats really going on and when I get back into my comfort zone this site will pick back up like it was last year. Well that sums up this lovely mess, I'll catch you all in week don't wait up for me~.

-Cecil The Dark Knight~


  1. well you're not the only one's who got to move, getting kicked out of where I live, so are the neighbors, because the manager wants to tear it down and build a new house. been searching like crazy to find another place to live. the only good in this is that this house is rat and roach infested anyways so good riddance, the bad not many good places to live and don't really have the money to move. at least the guy gave us till new years to get out.

  2. You're not the only one living with a parent. I'm 26 and still live with my Mom. Just know its now the norm for people in their 20s and still live with their parents since the economy is bad and prices are up. So you are not alone in that aspect. Hope everything goes smoothly for the move.

  3. Well I'm back and thank you all for the support I really appreciate it. The only thing that still has me down is the way my room looks... oh well forever 17 in my heart.