Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy B-day Moeka~


Yes another month is going by and it is time to celebrate my anime character choice for the month. This would happen to be moeka from the stein's;gate franchise due to her loving personality she portrays. Let us rejoice in lab member 005 or shining fingers glorious day of birth to show that she is loved outside of FB. So snatch up some Dr.peppers and enjoy my image dump for or lovely hikikomori's day~. Okay all play acting aside please enjoy this image dump, leave feed-back comments and so forth, I do have one question can you forgive her for just one day??


-Cecil The Dark Knight

All Credits for the following artwork go to their original creators, I do not own or have any copy rights on these images. This falls under the fair-use clause and I will remove any images if asked to do. I also ask to support the artist that made these images~


  1. if only I could figure out where I was going in the Steins Gate PSP game I would do her route over and over again.

    1. I understand that full and well my friend.. I love moeka as well.