Sunday, June 3, 2012

It Is Pre Order Season So Shut Up and Take My Money

Prepare your wallets people

Well people it is that time of year again when hot anime, video games and other sources of entrainment are up for pre-order. This means most of us anime fans wallets are going to flat-line before summer is even over. So you better have some extra cash tucked away and be prepared to empty your bank accounts for the hand selected titles I am sure you all will enjoy and I have personally pre ordered myself.

       Anime Pre-orders 

Nisa Ano-Hana Set
First up we have Ano-Hana "The Flower We Saw That Day" which was currently licensed by NISA back in march. The main reason I am recommending this series is due to the lack of legal stream or other means to obtain to series outside of imports which is really sad I did do a live stream of the show last year after if finished airing so if anyone of you watched that please pick this up to show your support for the industry.

The main focus of the series is about retuning a bunch of estranged high-school friends that feel apart when a tragedy that occurred in during the child hood. For more summary information click the link below to read and watch the trailer from NISA offical web-site. I do however want to keep in mind this release will not have dub like the rest of NISA so far, however it will be a complete dvd/blu-ray set with all 12 episodes, art book and other goodies so don't miss your chance to pick this up for $51.00

Comes out 7-3-2012

NISA Bunnydrop Complete Set
Next up we have another Nisa set that I highly recommend you pre-order which is bunny drop "usagi drop". Unlike the previous title this does have legal stream over at crunchy-roll. So if your are a bit hesitate on spending $51.00 for a complete series, I highly recommend watching streaming a few episodes first. The main plot of the series focuses on Dakachi a 30 year-old bachelor who decides to raise his grandfathers illegitimate child after he passed away.

I honestly found this to be one the biggest highlights of 2011 with the down to earth situations, focus on raising a child abruptly and so forth, again I will save the rest for my review when I get the set. Now one thing the set does include that is not legally streamed is the four mini ova's that last five minutes each so it does have some nice specials aside from the art-book. If you loved this series show your damn support and pre-order already. Again this is a sub only release so some fans might throw tantrums, words of advice get over it.

Comes out 8-7-2012

Aniplex Pre-Order

Aniplex's Oreimo Set
Next up on our roster is Oremio "my little sister can't be this cute" light edition from aniplex-usa. The series was released last year in a complete collectors edition set, however those where only in limited quantities and sold out fast and there was a demand for reprint of the DVDs. So if you are rich feel free to be by the limited edition off of amazon, while people that have low income and some common sense will be pre-ordering the 2nd print run instead with our free poster~

The main focus on this title is about our male lead kyouske who is trying to help his little sister kirino find friends that share the same interest in anime, manga, eroge etc. Overall it's not bad but as stated before I'll judgment for my review when I get the set. If you wish to catch a few episodes head over to crunchy-roll to make up your mind if the series is worth the $45.00 price tag. One thing i need to point out is that this series again is sub only, however it does include four ova's you can not legally find anywhere else out-side of these sets. So please pre-order or your imouto will beat the living hell out of you~ 

Comes out 7-10-12

Funimation Pre-Orders

Official Box Art
Now lets move on to our final two titles which are from funimation.  First up is Panty&Stocking with Garter Belt from legendary studio gainax. This is the type of anime that is just silly fun, over the top crude humor done in way that alot of older 80-90's animation fans like me enjoy. The main set-up is about two angels cast out from heaven. The angles need to collect heaven coins by killing ghost to in order to gain entrance back into heaven, or forever be doomed to walk the earth. This title will be both dubbed and subbed for $38.99

I could really dwell more on this but my review will be up soon for this based on the streams I watched back in 2010 on crunchy-roll so look for more details there. The only downside to this set is that it is DVD only due to kadokawa pictures blocking any Blurays from coming out on the set as of now. which still pisses me and alot of other anime fans off. If you happened to catch this show back 2010 or are morbidity curious how far some is willing to push the envelope in animation then check out a few epiosdes over at hulu for free.

Comes Out 7-10-12

Original Japanese Name
Now onto our last title which also came out in 2010 and streamed on crunchy-roll as well. Is this Zombie? Is about Ayumu who was brutally killed, resurrected by a necromancer and then absorbs a magical school girls powers one night while looking for his killer. He must transforming into a magical girl to fight monsters while wielding a chain-saw. For the love of god the plot is just bat-shit insane and I love it and you will just have to wait for my review later~

Again this will be a DVD only release due to the same rhetoric as above however it will have a dub/sub and is at lower price point for only $38.99. Like most of the other anime series I have listed here if you are hesitant on buying this a legal stream is up at hulu to help you with your decision. Not much else is known on any specials or items that will be coming with the set so check back daily on right-stuf's site for more information you piece of shit.

Comes out 9-18-12

Well that wraps up everything folks I have a few more things I plan on getting or will get before the year is over. This will pretty much break my tiny bank account as it stands now however I'm not to worried about it, so are there any titles here you plan on pre-ordering/buying this year?? Are there anymore I should add?? Just leave some feedback and let me know.

 -Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Now to hope that Nitro+ doesn't add SG to the mix till our wallets become fuller ^_^

  2. the torrentships? Damn, I wish I could get those where I live, and could actually pay for them...