Friday, June 15, 2012

Higanbana English Patch

Well it is finally here the full english patch for Higanbana the first night thanks to those at Ronove or now known as spider lily translations. The patch it's self is pretty easy to set-up/install for nearly everyone please keep mind however this is a manual patch.Grab the patch over at ronove's site then go to the directory folder and copy paste the english folder to c:program files:7th expansion: Higanbana".  Keep in mind not to overwrite any orginal install files or you will mess up the entire game have to start over.

The directory should say c:program files:7th expansion: Higanbana:Higabana English when you you are done. After you do this then click the onscripter/Higanban icon and whala you are ready to read through one of the most grotesque visual/sound novels I have read in years. So keep an eye open for my review in the coming month and please try not to feel to trolled from r7's latest work. The link to grab the patch is below as well as is a optional subbed OP.

Higanbana The First Night English Patch

Optional OP/Movie Patch

Legally Buy The Visual Novel 

Edit/Update Version 1.1 of the translation is out which will fully translate the music room, fixes minor spelling/grammar errors etc. You can download the new patch below, however please keep in mind this will mess up saves you have. Feel free to leave any feed-back or comments below and thoughts on this visual novel so far..

In The New Update~

Updated Patch Version 1.1

-Cecil The Dark Knight~


  1. Thanks for the article. I hope your experience of using our patch was good. :-)

    1. it's no problem at all, I think you guys are doing a really good job on getting this translated so fans or r7's work can enjoy this new piece of IP. I'll help out on promoting, any which way I can for you all.

    2. Great job on the patch ewally enjoying it