Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Caturday Everyone~

Hmm A Nyaacromancer
I have decided that I will be doing a monthly image dump/post of my favorite anime cat girls on the first Saturday of every month, or better known as caturday. Now you might be asking is this sleazy, sexist or shallow attempt of me to get traffic to my blog from the lower end of the anime community?? Well in all honesty it yeah this is a shallow attempt to get more traffic at this point in time, however maybe I should get off my ass and get a few reviews posted on winter/spring 2012 anime. Well my fellow pervs feel free to enjoy these scanty clad cat-girls while I go take a shower to wash off my shame and pride, I will catch you all later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight~

All Credits for the following artwork go to their original creators, I do not own or have any copy rights on these images. This falls under the fair-use clause and I will remove any images if asked to do. I also ask to support the artist that made these images~