Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy B-Day Tribute To Yui Katwogewa from "ToLove-Ru"

She Is So Pure~
Yeah.. If you read the headline I am celebrating a fictional characters birth maybe I have sunken to new low. In all honesty I really don't give two shit's about many birth days for any fictional character so why is Yui and exception to this rule?? I will be quite blunt really her character, personality and overall damn sexiness is why. Yui is one of the few damn reasons I am actually still following to love ru's new manga as of now and hope she does end up with Rito because she honest to her feelings. Putting all of my fanboyism aside let us celebrate her sexiness 21st birthday  with a photo and YouTube tribute. Also this tidbit of info on her is quite useful B88, W59, H87

Please keep in mind some of the following pics are NSFW
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Bunny Yui..My heart!!!
Festival Time


Yummy Cake~

Brb Grabbing a Spoon

Hmmm I wonder..
Yui's Character Song

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Happy Birthday Yui! though if you ask me, she still more tsun tsun than anything else XD

    1. you should see the newest manga chapter, she had a day dream yet again where she was pregnant with rito's child...HOW LEWD

  2. Not a new low but what do I know....

    Happy Birthday... not like I care or anything... ba..baka