Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Idea's For New Anime/Visual-Novel Intellectual Property

The whole point of this post is just some random ideas I have for new anime. There have been so many cookie cutter series lately personally I have gotten bored with a lot of genres lately. This especially lies the lazy adapts of eroges/visual novels that translate to a rushed twelve episode harem hi-jinx series that are now painful to watch. Originality is something hard to do when you need to make a bottom line in order to live. However it is still possible to take some long established tropes/cliches and still make it enjoyable to series that is fun to read or watch even if the series isn't serious or low-key on some end.

The best way of doing this by trying or build or do some twist/turns to already established plots to make something feel fresh. Even if you need to use old tropes so people can keep interest in the medium try adding some twist or turns so it will not be so bland. Something else really important is how the execution of the material is handled, such cases are with anime series like ToLoveRu and Is This Zombie prove you can re-use the same old material over again, but have a fairly decent product in the end.  You just need to charters some kind of depth to them instead of making them so damn one dimensional all the time.

Below is just an idea I would like to see for an anime since I am a huge melo-drama fan/slice of life fan. What do you think should be done to make anime or manga fresh again using already established set-ups?? Say for example the child-hood friend cliche where the MC moves back to his hometown and doesn't have any memory of her or any promises he might of made. You can twist this around by making the MC remember that promise and his child hood friend which can turn something overused to fresh/new in the market. Even minor changes like this can completely change the outcome of story and grab peoples attention if done right now it's time for my idea.

We have a standard male lead becomes friends with a 2-3 female characters however he is homosexual, so it's easier for him to become friends with some of the opposite sex. The girls know this because he is having a hard time in school and getting constantly picked on by his class-mates over time he becomes really good friends with certain girl. However to add a huge twist it turns out that she is in love with the same guy as the MC. Now this is something I would actually like to see done and there is countless ways of doing it however what do you think?? What are your ideas for any new anime, manga for visual novel IP's?? Share them with me below and get the idea tank moving, I'll catch you all around later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. how about one where you have to make animals fall in love with you to turn them into to human-animal hybrid sex-crazed fighting machines.

  2. Nice! I like those thoughts

  3. I woukd give ideas but then I cannot use them for my own stories sorry

  4. There have been quite a lot of stale ideas in the anime industry for a while but there have also been a few fresh ideas as well. I think part of the problem is animes often being limited to 12 episodes also. Copycat characters like the tsundere type that usually end up being voiced by Rie Kugiyama don't help either. I don't really have any good ideas of my own though.