Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Changes & Way of Doing Things~

Otaku Life Is Hard~
Well now if you have noticed the J-list banners here that is due in part because I am affilate with their site now. This in no way, shape or form will change the way I review. I am doing this to earn a little extra income on the side to keep up with my anime hobbies. The second thing you might have noticed is that the navibar is back so it makes it easier for newbies to navigate here out-side of me listing this site in tumblr, digg, stumbleupon etc

Personally Speaking  I am just whoring my-self at as much as possible to get hits. This is for hope of building a good online community here. Now lets move on the to the other half of what I am changing/doing for here so please try to stay up with me. One thing Is how I do my reviews by not giving series two scores. The point of review is my impression on the series I am not here to please you "that cost extra". I will still be using the 1-5 scale however it will be based on  overall total from characters, music story etc to give the score. 
One huge change is that I will only do first impressions or full reviews for anime series. I also will not be doing updates for each epiosde that's just a waste of time unless something really drastic happens that turns the series 180 direction. When my new reviews are up, just ignore the post dates because I have them set to post on that day, such as few that really needed to be posted by now. Now when I do reviews on visual novels/eroges I will post if you have to import or you can buy a localized version from Jastusa or Manga-Gamer

I will not be providing torrent links or ddl links to get the games for free they do have Google for reason people learn to use it please. I will however host links to any english patches that you will need for game or any patches to get a Ios, Psp, DS, or PC game working correctly in english. Something else I will be reviewing is tech products such as a Roku 2 or Ipodtouch for the hell of it so keep an eye out for those reviews. This about sums it up everyone I will catch you all later, just leave me any feed back for support~

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. I look forward to these new reviews. Also, keep up the good work, CDK!

  2. He's getting too big and mainstream jk

    1. hell i would have to really whore myself out then to get that. I really should have done blogging back a few years ago when it sparked my interest but eh... ya know.