Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Irrelevant Rambling or Info Dumping In Reviews

Try to fix the root of the problem~

Something very recent has come to my attention which is my consent rambling and irrelevant information in my reviews. I do apologize for this irrelevancy in these reviews, with my constant tangent rambling that has no purpose of being there. Something else I have been doing is going back over some of my older reviews revising them to make sure they fit a newer standard that I am setting for myself as a writer/reviewer.  

These two very essential yet simple things are, limiting my reviews to no more than 700 words per review and limiting the scope of the synopsis, to a paragraph or even an entirely different post if need be. That's it peeps I'm sorry I took a post for doing this, however this was something I needed to get off my chest. As usual post any feed-back you might have and answer me this, do you like reading reviews with constant rambling in them??



  1. Rumblings add character to a review don't they? Isn't that why Adam Sessler was so popular?

    1. maybe however how is relevant to a review that I ramble about the series being unlicensed or it didn't include xyz point that was in another form such as the manga. When you do a review you have to review the product given to you, not based on what should be there.