Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer 2012 Is Nearly Here~

Dat Eye Patch

Yo people with summer 2012 right around the corner, I feel like sharing some of my top picks of hot anime babes in swim-suits for your viewing pleasure. Oh Yeah I do realize that I am stooping down pretty damn low to do this but hey this for my fellow followers/fans. Sex appeal sells and I need all the cheap web-traffic I can get now, I'm so tired of having to whore my site on web-forums and I find this be much easier to do. So people call me what you will, just kick back and enjoy the eye-candy~

I do not have any copyrights to the following images below, these are just random fan-art/offical art I personally selected for this list. The sole rights belong to the orignal creator blah blah other legal bs.

Rena's Gonna Take Her Home~
Ahh fun at the beach away from zombie killing.

Hmm Anaru did your swimsuit get stuck?

Now I have seen the mighty crack

I like where this heading

Air Volley Ball, I approve

Killer Loli Beach-Ball Team~

Nyaa Master~

School Days Moms Need Love To

I always Loved The Azu Beach Episodes

Dat Tan-Line

Oh Lucy Such Nice...Keys~

Look At Those Cat Tats

Whack A Queby

Oh That Pose...

Yes..Onee-sama That's The Way..


My Drill Will Pierce Her Heavens

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. I've suddenly taken an interest in volleyball

  2. since when has girls playing volleyball been so interesting.

  3. Love Mio in her bikini. BTW this is animefan1254 on crunchroll. Nice blog!

  4. -_- sadly I have all these raws ...

  5. needs more sex appeal, no exception :p